Observations About Mexico

One of the objectives of our trip is to experience firsthand what it would be like to live in different environments abroad, irrespective of what we thought we knew beforehand.  We dubbed it the “Try Everything So You Really Know What You’re Talking About and What You Like Tour”, or for short, “You Don’t Know […]

Sky Dive for Puerto Vallarta’s Bravest Adrenaline Lovers

Sky Dive for Puerto Vallarta’s Bravest Adrenaline Lovers by Resorts by Pinnacle Imagine free falling from 10,000 feet above sea level, with a spectacular view of the coastline and mountains along Banderas Bay. Skydiving in Vallarta is the ultimate adrenaline rush for anyone looking to experience something that will leave you feeling like you’ll never […]

Coca-Cola de México: more than a sugary beverage, it has its own Wikipedia page

by Ron Morgan Properties Who knew that made-in-Mexico Coca-Cola – hecho en México – would cause such a stir? It’s true. MexiCoke, as it’s called in the U.S., has been the subject of historians, hipsters, politicians, protesters and foodies. Even the fine writers at Smithsonian Magazine, Guardian News and Bloomberg have covered it And why? One word; sugar. Indeed, MexiCoke has […]

Quick tips to prevent mosquitos

by Tropicasa Realty Mosquitos – those little creatures that can be a big annoyance and even a danger to your health. With Puerto Vallarta’s rainy season, these pests come out in their largest numbers and while we do not have a problem with Zika virus in our region, mosquitos can certainly cause you a sleepless […]

5 beaches you must see while visiting Puerto Vallarta

5 beaches you must see while visiting Puerto Vallarta by Resorts by Pinnacle It’s no secret that Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding area is home to some spectacular beaches, but when it comes to deciding on which one to go to while enjoying your luxury accommodation in Puerto Vallarta, things can get a little overwhelming. […]

What Car is best for Puerto Vallarta?

by Boardwalk Realty There are a lot of opinions about what car to buy to get around Puerto Vallarta and from whom to purchase. We’ve done a bit of research on this and remind you this is a blog and not professional advice or promotional services. We’ve driven many vehicles in Puerto Vallarta, originally a […]

Vacations to Puerto Vallarta For Singles

Vacations to Puerto Vallarta For Single Travelers by Boardwalk Realty Are you traveling alone to Puerto Vallarta? First we want to say congratulations to anyone who plans are trekking alone, to Puerto Vallarta or anywhere on the planet. It’s a wonderful adventure and we highly recommend it. If you have a partner, as many of us […]