Festival Gourmet Winefest 2022

Wine lovers will rejoice over the latest pairing of Festival Gourmet and Vinoma Fest for the Great Wine Fiesta.
This is the 27th year for the international culinary event and wine has always been a part of the festivities. “We
are very excited to be able to host this premiere event,” says Thierry Blouet, Festival Gourmet founder and
organizer, “We are hoping this is the largest wine fest in Puerto Vallarta history because the venue holds up to
700 and it lasts two days.”

Wine novices to aficionados are all welcome. There are 30 Mexican wineries and wine distributors involved.
Some of the wineries include: Freixenet in Querétaro, Monte Xanic in Baja California and Casa Madero, which
is the oldest winery in America founded around 1600. There’s also Vinicola Tierra de Luz from León in
Guanajuato, Media Uva representing wines from Chihuahua and Santo Tomas, which was the first winery to be
established in Baja California. Its original vines were planted in 1791 by Dominican Friars. Many of these are
small, family owned businesses and this is a great stage to show off their vintages to a huge crowd.

Important, area wine distributors include: Vinos America, Anfitrion de Mexico, Rivera Wines, Rojo Sobre Mesa
and Vinos del Mundo. If you are looking for something particular, they can assist you in finding it. There will be
over 100 labels/tastings. If you sample one you like, bottles will be available for purchase. Win! The event is a
great way to taste some of the best labels in the country.

“We are very excited to be able to make this a fall edition of Vinoma Fest,” says Manuel Santana, founding
partner of Vinoma Fest, “It’s very important for us to follow up the premier Vinoma Fest, which took place in
March 2022, with this special second one.” They are branding the event and are poised to make the spring
festival a yearly tradition of epic proportions in Puerto Vallarta.

The Great Wine Fiesta will be held at Parota Center, Francisco Villa 1010, colonia Jardines de Las Gaviotas on
Saturday and Sunday 12 and 13 November 2022 from 3 to 9pm both days. There are several attendance
packages to choose from, with accompanying bracelet and all include a commemorative wine glass.
Selections include: Wine Lover, a one day pass for $990 pesos. Wine Lover Plus is a one day pass with
access to a private tasting by a winery for $1190 pesos. If that is too much sampling for one day, choose the
two day pass for $1490. Make it a party for ten with the Wine Lovers Group day pass, which includes VIP area
access. There will be an optional food and wine pairing menu at your table.

All that wine drinking will work up an appetite. There are eight local restaurants selling food and they include:
La Tienda Grande, Majahuitas Beach Club, La Favela, Casa Cayaco, River Café, Serranos, La Corona Villa
Premier and Tinos. There will also be live music to enhance the overall experience.
Puerto Vallarta is known world wide for its hip, progressive food scene and this event will further push it to the
top. Cheers!

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