Act 2 Entertainment Review The Gabest Show on Earth

Here’s what people are saying about Gabe Center Stage in “The Gabest Show on Earth:”
“It’s my turn to gush about last night’s opening of “The Gabest Show on Earth” starring Gabe Arciniega. Having seen Gabe perform the leading role of 39 Steps at Act II earlier this year & having heard him singing in the Encore Lounge, I was aware of his talent. But last night’s show was a magnificent surprise! Gabe your story-telling had me in laughter & tears. Your singing had me singing along. And, your moves had me swaying in my chair. Kudos to you & to Alfonso López your director/partner in crime. Danny Mininni your vision for a summer series is a success already!! BRAVO!!  Only 2 shows remaining. I highly encourage you to not miss it.”
Tricia Lyman
“Have you ever gone into something with no expectations, only to find something so Unique and Great that your breath is taken away? Well that is exactly what happened last night at Gabe Arciniega’s New and Original Show, “The Gabest Show on Earth.” Not only is it one of the most Exciting shows I have ever witnessed, it brought out Gabe Arciniega’s dazzling Personality, more than one could have hoped for, on Stage. He was so energized with adrenaline that made the audience go completely wild from his first step on stage. Gabe Arciniega’s story about his love for Music gave us twists and turns like no other story telling I have ever seen. And dang it, throughout all the laughter, he made most of the audience cry a time or two. Gabe was joined on Stage by the Lovely and Talented, Maria Rose with a lively version of Mockingbird. This is Truly a collaboration of Love from both Gabe Arciniega and Director, Alfonso López, and should be seen by everyone. IMHO, I sort of think this show, after its limited run, will be brought back for a longer run in the Winter Season. But don’t wait for that. Well worth spending a little time with a Phenomenal Entertainer, Gabe Arciniega. So happy for you my Friend. Another Hit Show! And Oh by the way, we were fortunate enough to have been offered a slice of oh so Delicious Sweetness by the First Ever Woman’s group in Puerto Vallarta, “TRINITY” staring the last three Voice of Vallarta Winners. Their opening night is June 22nd and this will be another Summer Season Hit. 
David Wilhoit
“Oh my goodness, I told friends, in jest, last night at the red room at Act ll (before the show) that I was a Gabe groupie. (Ok , I like alliterations)….But then I saw the show and was mesmerized by such a masterfully choreographed one-man show starring Gabe Arciniega as the Multi talented Gabe Arciniega …and so now I am a card carrying member of his fan club (I always was, but now I have the platinum card to prove it ) . 
Breath taking literally (his (Through seemingly out of body dance moves ) and ours) performance …singing , dancing, poignant, thought provoking, emotion riling and funny story telling…all the elements of yes the “Gabest show on Earth” ….I found myself marking my calendar for his next performance June 29th…..If that isn’t the sign of a bona fide groupie what is? Yes I’m going to bring another group of groupies.”
Georgia Darehshori
“I don’t know exactly what I was expecting when I went to see Gabe Arciniega at the Red Room last night, but it certainly wasn’t what we got. I had seen him last year in the lounge at Encore before, but he was just a good singer with fun energy. In his one-man show opening last night, he ranged from an over-the-top Las Vegas lounge lizard (I mean in the very best way) to an amazingly inspired dramatic tour de force champion of both song and story. Congratulations to Danny Mininni and his talented team for creating this “Spotlight” series for Gabe & other soon to be better known performers, such as Trinity. They opened Gabe’s show and my thought after they finished was “How will he top that?”. He answered right back. There are only two more performances of Gabe’s show scheduled so far, so get your tickets now. I’m going back!”
Jim Lee
   WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! I just got home from Gabe Arciniega’s SOLD OUT opening night cabaret show at Act II Stages and I was blown away! In fact, I just decided to sit down and put my thoughts on paper while my thoughts are still fresh in my mind.  In one word, Gabe’s show was FABULOUS! Knowing beforehand about his background in the theater, as well as touring with Charo, I figured his show was going to be good, but I didn’t realize just HOW good! Gabe is the ultimate showman! It was unbelievable that this was his first performance in a “one-man show.”
       Gabe has the whole package… he is absolutely gorgeous, insanely talented, a beautiful, loving human being, and he has the ability to totally connect with his audience like none other. He shared how his love of music shaped his life, starting with his youthful weekly visits to Elmo Lopez’s Record Store back in South Texas. Elmo took him under his wing and introduced him, each week, to such music as Motown and Rock & Roll and the Blues and Tin Pan Alley and the Beatles and his personal favorite…. Louie Armstrong. As Gabe treated us to a cornucopia of songs, stories and dance that have shaped his ife, I experienced a roller coaster of emotions like never before…. happiness, sadness, frustration, joy and hope! Gabe is a master story-teller and had each person in his audience on the edge of their seats for his entire show.
        Congratulations to Danny Mininni for discovering a brand new star, and to Alfonso Lopez, for recognizing the story inside Gabe and helping him share it so perfectly with us. To me, Gabe’s show is what entertainment is all about. He touched us. He shared himself with us. He entertained us. He inspired us. And… he made us cry. The audience obviously loved it, too, because he had numerous standing ovations throughout the evening. I plan to return to Gabe’s next show on June 29… and maybe the next and the next and the next. Thank you, Gabe.” 
Marsha Ward
Act II, in its effort to provide top-quality, year-round entertainment to the Puerto Vallarta community, has created a brand-new summer series called “SPOTLIGHT ON VALLARTA!” This series will be presented in the Red Room and is designed to highlight the incredible talent of people that live full-time in Puerto Vallarta! Its purpose is to show the audience a slice of the immense talent which lies right here in our town. This show is the first in the series. 
The Act II Entertainment Stages complex is located at Insurgentes 300 (corner of Basilio Badillo & Insurgentes), 2nd floor, Zona Romántica, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Tel 322.222.1512.   Tickets can be purchased at or at the box office.



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