Act 2 PV COVID 19 Update For 2020 2021 Season

act 2 pvAct 2 PV COVID 19 Update For 2020 2021 Season. The new rooftop Star light Cabaret will be the most amazing addition to the PV entertainment scene and after COVID we can seat 250 allowing us to bring in big names, do big charity events and do concerts under the sky. And with the huge white wall I’m building behind the stage we can do Movie nights and Karaoki, sky’s the limit.  We gave up the lease downstairs where Wings Army And the Message place was and now I’m so excited to tell you a Sushi place, Yamanada Sushi will open where the massage place was and we will offer the menu at ACT2pV. 
  • I am very proud to also tell you we have hired our own in house R.N.trained nurse who will supervise our COVID response and protocols. I think we are the first private business to do this. She will give rapid test to staff,actors and performers daily. Enforce all CDC protocols, teach the staff how to work in this new normal.
  • We will hire a full time cleaning person for business hours who will supervise the cleaning of the space after shows let out, enforce policy of temperature taking upon arrival, mask will be mandatory (if you are not willing to wear a mask please do not buy a ticket.)
  • On the roof the tables are 6 feet apart, so while at the table you can remove the mask, but if you leave the table you must wear the mask.
  • On the mainstage we will seat only 40% so we asked our clients, if you had to choose between a plexiglass cubicle between you and the stage or a ACT2pV 😷  Our hope is that we have created enough social distance to allow the mask to be removed but we have not decided yet.
  • We are also going to replace our AC filters with HEPA filters and we have purchased several ozone air cleaning systems that will clean the air and also sanitize all surfaces Our priority is your safety and to make ACT2pV the safest place to be.
  • We are also building a ticket booth for the first floor in the courtyard to allow more social distance and to make the ticket purchase as easy as possible.
  • We are remodeling the patio off of the bar for a great early cocktail rest stop with steps leading directly to the patio from outside. we have also doubled the size of the glass doors in the bar to ensure a nice flow of air.
Every single act opening in Nov and Dec has has been created for our stage and all but a few have been created and produced by Alfonso and myself, with Alfonso as Director. We are still trying to figure out the new ticket system with brown paper ticket but they are very slow to approve listings. 



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