Act 2 PV To Add New Roof Top Cabaret

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Act 2 PV To Add New Roof Top Cabaret Act 2 PV to add new roof top cabaret. Act2 PV is thrilled to announce that LIVE ENTERTAINMENT for the 2020/2021 season is coming back to Puerto Vallarta! Act2PV has just secured the rooftop space above Act2PV’s current location and will transform the entire space into a beautiful, open-air terrace cabaret, the largest outdoor theater in town! The past six months have been very difficult. No-one knew what would happen with the 2020/2021 entertainment season and Act2PV has spent the entire summer looking at possible options, including leasing other venues. But with every possibility, a new problem arose. It was very scary to think that all the time and effort they had put in to build Act2PV into the #1 Entertainment Venue in Vallarta could be undone. Little did they know that the solution was right in their own “backyard…” (well, sort of, anyhow)!

The new open-air rooftop cabaret is going to be incredible! Act2PV will be adding flooring, lights, a sunscreen, a stage, and many other goodies! It will meet all the government protocols for safe-distancing, including table-seating for 2, 4 or 6 people, and RESERVED SEATING! Patrons will no longer have to wait in the bar before a show because their seats will be reserved! Bar service and social-distanced seating will be available, as well, for those who would like to have a drink and relax before the show!

Act2PV’s Main Stage will also be used during the season and will follow government guidelines, limiting shows to one per night, with 40% occupancy. Act2PV has held off booking shows from out-of-towners due to the uncertainty of the situation, but with the addition of this new, open- air venue, will be adding more and more shows to its current listing.

Act2PV hopes you like what’s happening! It’s very important to get entertainment back to Puerto Vallarta, but it’s important to them for patrons to feel comfortable and safe when attending one of their shows. With this new setting, if people feel safe enough to go to a restaurant, they will feel safe attending a show.



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