Amy Armstrong Viva La Diva Nacho Daddy’s Puerto Vallarta

amy armstrong viva la diva puerto vallarta
Amy Armstrong  Viva La Diva Nacho Daddy’s Puerto Vallarta
Shows for 2019, January 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, February 2 and 4 at 9 pm
The Queen of Vallarta has returned and her followers found her easily. She is a Diva, to say the least. Her sassy wit brings out comic lines, some a bit off-color and adult but when she opens her mouth, the music which flows outward is pure and full as she seemingly effortlessly hits notes high and low, with no raspy clutching. The room was overflowing with several guests not finding an open seat. Amy looked out and saw people filling the seats and anticipating her arrival. She walked down the aisle and joined Piel Canela. Her strong delivery of “Chain of Fools”, a classic r&b song perfectly suited to Amy’s vocals and style. From that first moment on, the audience found it hard to remain still until Amy departed.
“Another One Bites the Dust” certainly rocked the house. Queen has been in the headlines of late, featuring Freddie Mercury, and Amy broke into “I Want to Break Free” followed by  “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” It became clear that Amy has endeavored to create a show with a rock/pop theme. She has designed each show to be unique by including special guests, friends and musical collaborations. Often, Amy appears with partner Freddy Allen and they have had engagements here in the past and there is talk he will be joining her for a few evenings together. Her top-ranked band now consists of Pepe Galván on the bass, one of the best bass players in Puerto Vallarta; Gary Flores Morales hailing from a musical family in Mexico City has become the drum master in Puerto Vallarta; Sam Renteria Avila on Spanish guitar, bongo and cajón  whose talent and musical progression are impressive; Al Ramirez ‘Mimi’ a standout marvelous electric guitar player and Fernando Huerta Gonzalez who started Piel Canela eight years ago and leads the band on guitar and vocals with his inspired rumba flamenco style and rhythms. They are carving their own future and it looks bright. Here they are working with Amy but they also have their own show and back Kim Kuzma on her electrifying shows.
“Do Right Woman” was another look at the late Aretha Franklin. Amy knows how to squeeze the emotions from a bluesy soul song. In a sneak preview, attendees were given a look at Hannah Brady who sang from her current run “A Dove on the Beach”, displaying a wonderful vocal treatment and leaving many in the crowd wanting more.
Back to Queen, she soared with “We Will Rock You” known for its heavy drumming beat and chants. In addition, she traveled back into the hundreds of fabulous Aretha songs with “Baby I Love You” and the audience truly believed her. Amy is blessed with a special voice which is full, clear and never unnerving. From the new “A Star is Born”, Amy selected this sweet tune sung and co-written by Lady Gaga “Always Remember Us This Way”. “Respect” was the fourth Aretha song memory tonight and she expressed her devotion to love in a spirited way.
Countless fans and lovers of Amy Armstrong are ensuring she is on their entertainment calendar, returning to the glory days promising that her rooms will remain packed.
Review written by  Gary Beck author of Beck’s Best 2018 Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Guide Beck’s Best and Beck’s Best: Theater, Cabaret and More!

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Photo by Mikki Prost. 



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