Puerto Vallarta Theater Shows Amy Armstrong with Piel Canela at Nacho Daddy

Puerto Vallarta Theater Shows Amy Armstrong with Piel Canela at Nacho Daddy. Amy has thrilled audiences here for years spicing her vocal deliveries with off-color but entertaining humor. Every time she steps on the stage all cautions are thrown to the wind as she adlibs and strikes hilarity in some basic occurrences in the country of Mexico. 
Piel Canela performs a fusion blend of music accented heavily by the Latin rhythms so beloved, singing in both English and Spanish. Fernando Gonzalez heads the band with irresistible energy and enthusiasm. The other musicians joining together: Pepe Galván on bass, one of the best in Puerto Vallarta, percussionist Gary Flores Morales who brings a wide musical background combined with vast experience with many Mexican artists and Al “Mimi” Ramírez smiling and playing his acoustic and electric guitars marvelously with his nibble and quick finger work on the strings. 
Debby Holiday opened the party with a preview of her ongoing show here Rock ‘n’ Soul. She combines her background of a songwriting soulster father, through whom she met many top R&B singers of her childhood, with her personal rock taste resulting in a fusion of rock ‘n’ roll and soul music. She wished to convey this genre as she describes “Tina Turner does The Beatles” with “Help”. The packed crowd roared their approval of her gutsy, bluesy and slowed down interpretation of this classic tune.
Tonight, special guest Eduardo Leon, who has had many sessions with Piel Canela, played guitar so the band consisted of four guitarists and a drummer. To start off the party, they delivered the standard Mexican song “Malagueña”. Theirs is a sound of authentic Latin music so very much adored in this town with an appeal spreading to nationals, ex-pats, tourists and part-timers.
The ultra-resilient Amy Armstrong entered greeting the full house of loyal fans and followers to see and hear her, show their admiration and party hearty with the CD release excitement. She said that the entire CD would be heard tonight in order. She selected the song set including her favorite tunes recently and from over the years. The first cut was “Summertime”, a Gershwin classic, and the living was easy.” Bringing up the mood of the blues, she delved into The Eagles with “Hotel California” beating that story which is enveloped in our minds. “You can check out any time you like but you never can leave!”
Amy adores and respects Adele, saying, “Not uptempo and not about heartbreak, well…Adele”. She expressed an emotional love with her gorgeous voice, conveying “Love in the Dark”. The instigation or spark of this CD first from this song: “New Rules” from Dua Lipa. The lyrics sum up her attitude of making some changes for herself. No more of the same. Amy slowed down for the beautiful thoughtful song “Time After Time”. She possessed the words and delivered them out to the audience sweetly.
Selecting a tune from Bill Withers “Just The Two of Us”, Amy spoke of a love affair, not waiting too long to start. Nikki took a solo shot with her sax and ripped the room with swinging deeply soulful notes. Amy cried out loud after Nikki finished her standout segment, “Wow, that woke me up!” The ever-popular Ed Sheeran gave her “Thinking Out Loud”: “Maybe we found love right where we are.” The terrific song is presented so well and full of emotion this night. Amy smiles and her pride shows o her face. This CD is a major accomplishment of which she and Piel Canela band members can be very proud.
Even Adele reappeared with a beat! “Water Under the Bridge”. Amy selected the compositions for her recordings from ones whose lyrics have meaning, especially to her. She dove into “If you’re gonna let me down, let me down gently. Don’t pretend that you don’t want me.” She places her vocals to the forefront with the strong and hot Latin sound surrounding her and everyone else in the room. 
The stunning composition by Lady Gaga “Million Reasons”, one of her best and beloved by Amy. “I’ve got a hundred million reasons to walk away. But baby, I just need one good one to stay.” She reaches high with fullness while she begs her lover for one single rationalization.
Possibly the best song from Pink “What About Us” closed out the evening beautifully as Amy wished. Her song choice is beyond expectations, combining her love to shake it up, then dip into a sad love ballad. Never does she insert a commonplace tune. Her humor, kindness and ultra-special vocals entice her fans to return time after time.
“I am happy that the CD was completed and released. I am happy to be singing here. I am grateful every day.” Bless you, Amy, for the perpetual joy felt in the room and heard from the many shouts of audience members.
 Check at Nacho Daddy for CD availability.
Nacho Daddy
Basilio Badillo 287, Southside, second floor
Tickets at Nacho Daddy or http://www.nachodaddypv.com    

Gary R. Beck 
Puerto Vallarta, JAL.


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