Gay Cabaret in Puerto Vallarta The Dueling Drag Divas At The Palm Cabaret


dueling drag divas

Gay Cabaret in Puerto Vallarta The Dueling Drag Divas At The Palm Cabaret. The Drag Duo returns home to The Palm Cabaret’s 20th Anniversary Season. Jo Anna [AKA Joe Perry] is celebrating her fourteenth season and reigns as the longest singing drag queen in Puerto Vallarta. Chi Chi Rones [AKA Peter Garcia] is excited to be back in Puerto Vallarta for her ninth season. After hundreds of shows performed solely, they teamed up seven years ago for this ‘boxing match’ contesting the two ladies in famous interpretations. The audience awards points for rounds with their applause and shouts. The one with the most rounds won is the winner and receives the highly esteemed trophy.

Singing a cut from their ongoing show here, David and Effie, both American Idol finalists, sang “[I Think You’re] Crazy”. They displayed their prowess in hitting the highest notes and holding them without wavering. That is a bunch of talent on stage. The two drags appeared in bright shiny red boxers robes and sang “She’s A Lady” which was a perfect start to this game of farces. The first match was Jo Anna appearing as Cher with long black hair which must be brushed back constantly. Chi Chi became a wild-haired Tina Turner and they dueted on “It’s Raining Men”. The audience went crazy with both ladies receiving a huge ovation but after the second voting attempt, Jo Anna won round one.

Lady Gaga competed wearing a blown-out black dress and sang her entry in French. Chi Chi portrayed her singing chanteuse Edith Piaf’s landmark “La Vie En Rose” from A Star Is Born. Dolly Parton looked immensely bosom covered all in pink with a full blond hairdo. She proudly claimed her own classic composition, “I Will Always Love You”. Dolly nuzzled her extensive top into the faces of people innocently sitting in the room. Jo Anna seemed to receive as big a thrill in her breezing among the attendees as those people felt blushing embarrassment. It was game time they announced and the duo created an audience participation competition involving ring tosses by two guys onto a huge banana held by each diva. The team who secured the most rings is the winner and Jo Anna blew away the competition.

Janis Joplin appeared hysterically holding her Southern Comfort in one hand and a cigarette in the other. She managed to emote “Piece Of My Heart” to screams and cheers from the adoring crowd. Amy Winehouse had seen better days as she stumbled across the space mumbling her tune admitting she should have gone to “Rehab”. Chi Chi was a crazy diva first, followed by Jo Anna’s impersonation. Audience members must be careful not to laugh at a line too long since the next joke can be missed as the duo speed along so rapidly.

Chi Chi revealed the first tune they sang together and which they use ever since as the closing number of their shows. Two Judy Garlands were represented. Chi Chi took on the Carnegie Hall persona while Jo Anna tackled her in later life being drug-induced and slurry. Each played their part in “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and defined why so many thousands have admired their pizazz, creativity of script and redoing of song lyrics. This is a laugh fest.

The Palm Cabaret
Olas Altas 508  
Zona Romántica – Southside, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
20th Anniversary Season      
Tickets:   May pay by PayPal online.                        
[email protected]


The box office is open from 10 am – 10 pm.
This article written by Gary R. Beck
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