Delighted ToBeHere Act ii Puerto Vallarta 2019


Delighted ToBeHere Act ii Puerto Vallarta 2019. The town is Delighted that our lady of camp and comedy is back home for her fourth season.. She is adored for her wonderful humor and outgoing personality. She makes everyone smile. She excels in vocal impressions, live vocals or lip-syncs, comedy and quick wit, making each show a memorable event. She is living in New York but in her heart is a Southern belle from South Carolina.

She plans her show run theme well in advance but this time she thought, “Come back to yourself. Do what you do. Talk about your life.” So with total honesty, she gave the audience the truly real Delighted Tobehere. Peoples’ responses were overwhelmingly favorable and appreciative. She is a Star.

She sat down and described “Stars” from Les Misérables “You are the sentinels. Silent and sure. Keeping watch in the night.” This was a stunning offering in which she became absorbed in the lyrics. The beloved Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac gave the world “Landslide” and Delighted took the composition lovingly under her wings. Delighted declared “Bring on the Men”, taken from Jekyll and Hyde, revealing she was ready for a little touch of sin. She traipsed back and forth beseeching the men to come give her love and attention.

Kristin Chenoweth became infatuated with a guy who worked at Starbucks. Delighted was inspired by the sight of this coffee shop new here in the center of activity. “Taylor the Latte Boy”: “brings me java, brings me joy.” Her interpretation was humorous and clever.

Delighted revealed that this year marks nineteen years of performing in drag. She discussed how difficult it is to change oneself into a lovely lady. Longtime followers were reminded that this is her seventh show at Act II and asked if anyone was present for her Drag 101 lessons. At that presentation, she went through the basics from start to finish detailing each task necessary to become a woman. It was educational but also quite entertaining. She blasted off with a war tune introduced by The Andrew Sisters in 1941 and then popularized by Bette Midler: “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”. Her background tracking is superb throughout the entire night.

She launched into a television theme song sing-a-long with many audience members knowing all the words to classic shows. Then, she felt she must prove she is a drag queen and spoke a lip-sync monologue by the sister of Miss Georgia who was the flashing, most electric winner in the history of the pageant. She confronted a mimicking poser with strong hilarious words highlighted by describing a baton flying into the skies. Her firm words melted everyone into submission.

Delighted Tobehere, AKA Clay Smith, proudly stated that her career is in full throttle. “Booked and Blessed” she termed her status. She is on the road, being in New York only a hundred days a year, and accumulates 100,000 airline miles per year. She scooped up “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” in the fashion she said of Clay Aikins on American Idol featuring Gospel undertones. Her interpretation was stirringly soulful and heartfelt. She continued her theme of the evening with a declaration to try to make this world a better place: “I Was Here”…”I will leave my mark, soul, everyone will know, I was here.”

Finishing this astounding show, she ushered in the Holiday Season with “O Holy Night”. Her vocals excelled beyond any hopes and dreams. Although a religious song, her intense delivery emphasized the melody of the carol. She gave hope to this troubled world and called everyone and their friends to return for more “Fun and Fabulosity”.

Act II Entertainment – Red Room – Seventh Season 

Insurgentes 300 [corner of Basilio Badillo and Insurgentes], second floor 
Romantic Zone/SouthSide, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

Show info and tickets available online at 


This article written by Gary R. Beck                           


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