Evita Loca Brings It To Act2PV

Hello Evita Loca, Welcome to PV! Is this your first time?
Hello! Yes, it’s my first time performing in PV! I’ve only been once before on a gaycation. I’m super excited to come back with my show directed by JT Horenstein performing at Red Room Cabaret at Act2 PV.  I’m so looking forward to relaxing on the beach. We LOVE a working vacation!

What caused you to want to perform in PV?
I’ve loved seeing fellow queens shows in the past in PV, Sutton Lee Seymour, Miss Conception, and Hedda Lettuce, just to name a few. I’m excited for my big opening.

What can our readers expect from an Evita Loca show?
When I write it, I’ll let you know! Just kidding! I’m a Broadway queen. I’ve performed on Broadway and have been performing professionally for over 20 years, so at my shows, you can expect a fun night of live singing and songs you know from many decades. I do vocal impressions of everyone’s favorite pop and broadway Divas as well. It’s just a good time.

What do you think the difference between performing in NYC and PV is?
I’ll tell you the difference I’ve noticed about the audiences: In PV, everyone is there to party. In NYC, sometimes, there’s a feeling of the hustle and responsibility of the real world hanging over everyone. That’s gone when you’re on vacation.

What are your plans in PV for when you’re not performing?
Lots of shopping. Lots of relaxing. Lots of massages. Where else in the world would Evita Loca like to perform?
Wherever the check is the largest, I kid, I kid. But I do like money. I would love to perform in the UK. Australia, and, of course, Palm Springs.

PV is the cabaret capital of Mexico. How is the cabaret scene changing?
It’s hard to break into sometimes. It seems you have to know someone or be a recognizable commodity to break in and be successful. Miss Conception connected me with Act 2 by seeing me on Tik Tok. So I’m super grateful to her for helping me make this happen.

What does it mean to have a few cities where performers can live AND perform?
I live in NYC, so I’m spoiled, but I think since drag is so widespread in pop culture now. There are tons of opportunities to perform all over the country now. Just look at Drag Race. Even Connecticut has drag queens! Who knew?

Where can our readers keep up with you?
I’m waddling around all the social media but Twitter (for obvious reasons). You can find me on Facebook as Evita Loca and on Instagram and TikTok as Miss Evita Loca.

The MAIN STAGE At Act2 features high-quality theatrical productions, including Broadway musicals, stage plays, and concerts; the beautiful, roof-top STARLIGHT CABARET is the only open-air theater in the Banderas Bay and offers musical shows every night; the RED ROOM CABARET features a more intimate and exclusive cabaret concept; and the ENCORE BAR is a beautiful, air-conditioned piano bar that offers a stylish alternative for spending time with friends and enjoying good music.

Check their calendar for the latest shows and enjoy a show when looking for a fun night out.






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