PV Things to Do Freddie Mercury and Queen Live Forever at The Palm Cabaret


Looking for one of the best PV Things to Do? Go see Freddie Mercury and Queen Live Forever at The Palm Cabaret. Tonight is a solid uplifting salute to Freddie Mercury who was the lead singer for Queen until his early passing in 1991. Their music is historic and forever-lasting. Roy Gomez Cruz has much experience in the role of Freddie Mercury, rock singer and persona extraordinaire.. Few people emerge on the scene and leave such a glorious footprint that Freddie has done.

 Alejandro Carrera portrays Brian May guitarist, Christian Gomez as Roger Taylor on drums and Danny Sixx as John Deacon bassist. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame group is one of the world’s best-selling music artists. The hot rock band started with “A Kind of Magic”: “One dream, one soul, one prize, one goal.” The energy level rose and did not return to the ground until they finished this solid performance.
“Somebody To Love” left its mark on the legend of Queen. Freddie [Roy] and his band tore up the house with this strong song known to many attendees. At times, it seemed that there was more singing in the rows than on stage! People everywhere you could peer were having the time of the week, the vacation, the get-together. Everyone was so happy it was impossible to contain their feelings. When “Another One Bites The Dust” came blasting, people stood up, dancing and singing. Queen lit the fire and no one was going to put it out until they left the arena.
Their most famous song “Bohemian Rhapsody” was done exactly as expected, with flourishes here on the guitar and there in the vocals. The music flows easily making for one long orchestral song with a background rock beat. The excitement began anew with the sporty and bouncy “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, one of their favorite tunes with the energy springing higher if that was at all possible.
Queen sang, “I wanna ride my bicycle” starting the hard-hitting “Bicycle Race”. Fun song and the group appeared to be having a great time. Roy jumped over to the piano at times to play with the strong guitar chords and singing surrounding him. “Radio Ga Ga” slammed much of the music heard on the airwaves, not of value. They returned to Live Aid Concert with their chanting “Aye-Oh”, with Roy encouraging the audience to return the sounds back to him and he sent them out again. Arms swayed with hands fluttering in a type of rock salute. 
Tonight is not a show, not an act, it is a full-blown rock concert. How could it not be when the dual song “We Will Rock You”/”We Are The Champions” exploded from the band. Their guitar work is stupendous.. The finger movement on the electric guitar is rarely seen locally. Freddie seems to be talking about himself with “I Want To Break Free”: “free from your lies”. The boiling point was being reached by the group and all present when “Under Pressure” created a wild melting pot. Roy raced along the aisles, across the room, greeting people as he sped by. A wide center ramp was furnished for his rapid movements, slides and glides. The show was never-ending. No lapses or pauses, no misses. A pure rock concert that was enjoyed outrageously by the gathered crowd.
Special thanks to Mark Rome for securing this band from Guadalajara to rock this town.
The Palm Cabaret   
Olas Altas 508
Zona Romántica – Southside, 
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
20th Anniversary Season      
www.ThePalmCabaret.com   May pay by PayPal online.
[email protected]lmcabaret.com        


The box office opens at 10 am.

Gary R. Beck 

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