Joan Rivers by Joe Posa The Palm Cabaret Show Review

JoePosa JoanRivers The Palm
Joe Posa as Joan Rivers With guest star Tony Tripoli
This duo had a wonderful run a year ago and Joan has arrived in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to share her wisecrack humor. The show begins with Tony Tripoli, Producer of the “Fashion Police”, sharing memories of working for Ms. Rivers.. Inside quips, unknown events, jokes that were quite risque and just what made Miss Rivers click. Tony was one of Joan’s joke writers, so we have him to blame or thank for some of her outrageous approaches to life. 
He then brought on Joan Rivers [AKA Joe Posa] who has been portraying Miss Rivers since the earth was young and when ‘he’ as a ‘she’ walks down the streets, onlookers seek an autograph from one of their all-time favorite comediennes. He began at age six as a dancer and his career path angled to female impersonation. His accomplishments include musical tours, television and movies.
Joe has cinched the comedy legend’s looks, signature mannerisms and jive-talking, poking fun at anyone in the news. The Kardashians are talked about incessantly so they became the butt of several one-liners jabbing at the various news items about them which they themselves have created [for publicity?] Even transgender Caitlin was not spared. Tony had joked about what Joan would have to say about all the news today including the presidency. The audience could feel their ears burn at just the thought. 

Joe says, “Entertaining has always been one of the most important interests in my life.” He feels very comfortable in Joan’s stiletto heels and sparkling gowns. Is this really Joan Rivers returning from Heaven [?] to tickle our funny bones? She said she was here for only this one night, so enjoy. That the attendees did, as Joe is such an accurate impersonator with attention to every detail. He is not only a pleasure to watch and admire, but he is also a funny actress with the rapid speed making everyone pay attention or the next joke will be missed.

Tony enters after a brief intermission to continue his real-life experiences with Joan Rivers. He reveals unheard stories of this day and this event. She was a kind, loving boss but also a super Jewish mother. She treated Tony as a son, to the point of bequeathing not money but a small packet of her ashes hand-delivered by daughter Melissa. Such a treasure that he threatened to place on eBay for some extra cash to pay bills! Not hardly.
The double package takes one into the private world of Joan Rivers. When she was alive, she called Joe Posa her favorite impersonator. That is no small statement and the crowd was able to see and hear for themselves what Joan felt and the star magic filled the room.
Review written by  Gary Beck author of Beck’s Best 2018 Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Guide Beck’s Best and Beck’s Best Theater, Cabaret and More 



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