Drag Shows In Puerto Vallarta Miss Butterfly Blue Chairs Butterfly Cabaret

Miss Butterfly
Drag Shows In Puerto Vallarta Miss Butterfly Blue Chairs Butterfly Cabaret Celebrating twenty years of Drag, Miss Butterfly continues her run here with live lipsync show featuring twenty costume changes, one for every year she has performed. She selects excellent song choices, some famous, others leaning toward dance club hits.. Her energy is immeasurable, emitted straight out amongst the gathered throng inducing body movements and shouts of utter joy. She is a reveled larger-than-life figure much admired by so many fans, some of whom were visiting for over a dozen times. She opens the evening with “Drama Queen”: “Everything’s gonna be alright When I get on the stage tonight. It’s a space in time where every dream comes true.” She was here to sing, dance, tease and laugh out loud.
Merely by stripping off the outer dress, a new vision is created and there is Whitney Houston. She started a sweet “I Will Always Love You” which mashed into a wild crazy lady shaking and dancing. She kept the stride continuing with “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”. Upon ending the impersonation, one audience member cried out “Is that a Whitney meltdown?” No, Miss Butterfly shouted, it is her high energy. Two hapless men were dragged up for “I Will Survive” done with great humor. Their reward? Tequila.
Oleta’s popular tune “Get Here [if you can]” was given a stiff X-Rated approach, not for the faint of heart, but hilarious. She demonstrated the rewritten lyrics by sitting on guys’ laps and showcasing her long legs. Celine Dion appeared with chic appropriate hair, sleek body grandeur and small footsteps. Miss Butterfly bore an accurate essence of the woman.
Miss Butterfly took no intermission so when one or more costume changes are needed, she disappears from the stage while the DJ plays uplifting music, only to return as the next lady of song and glamour. Is that Tina Turner? With that windblown tossed wig, tight shiny dress and scowling voice, she convinced everyone that Tina was indeed singing “Simply The Best”. She took her stuff up and down the aisles tempting anyone whom she picked. 
The last break was enjoyed with the orchestration of “La Vie En Rose” while Miss Butterfly changed into another costume. Out strolled a weak but delightful Edith Piaf who entered her fabulous claim to fame “Non, Je ne regrette rien”: “No, I regret nothing. No, absolutely nothing. Not the good that has been given. Not the bad, it’s all the same to me.” In response, the crowd gave its most hearty applause, saluting this wonderful lady of song, humor, dance and impersonation. Her years of acting in front of people show in her casual attitude and self-assuredness.
“What? What do I hear?” An encore is demanded. It’s my party, Miss Butterfly declared, admitting that there are two remaining costumes to total the promised twenty, so off she sashayed. Leslie Gore blasted into “It’s My Party” gone disco. She reappeared as a Las Vegas showgirl of sorts singing about the time to party and to work the door. 
She controlled the audience completely, holding them in her able hands. This is a star who should not be missed. 

Blue Chairs The Butterfly Cabaret – Next to the lobby

4 Malecón at Almendro 322-222-5040
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.
This review written by Gary R.Beck
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