Miss Conception at The Palm Cabaret 2019/2020

miss conception the palm cabaret

Miss Conception at The Palm Cabaret 2019/2020 celebrates her 19th year of performing her unique crazy show which must be seen to be fully understood. There cannot be a season complete without our zany mistress of disguise and costume changes. Tonight, the princesses of Disney are presented in a slightly different fashion. She is dressed like each character exactly as they were in the movies, in a different outfit and she selects a wig from the table behind her. Voilà! A new lady is transformed and contributes an appropriate song. Lady Zen previewed her ongoing fine show Ladies of Legend with Shirley Bassey’s “Diamonds Are Forever”. She displayed her intense vocal quality and range, lifting the crowd to the sky with her finishing notes. She is a superb singer.

Some of the Disney princesses given the Diznee treatment include:

Snow White is not as pristine as viewers had envisioned since youth. Disney now must place disclaimers on some early Disney movies since they are not PC, politically correct, or basically risque, Miss C. revealed. She had seven men although they were dwarfs with dwarf certain appendages. She was in actuality a lady of leisure. The lighthearted lady is dressed exactly as in the movie: yellow dress, blue blouse and red trim. Is that her personified? Bouncing side to side singing “Whistle While You Work”, she endeared herself to the attendees in spite of her off-color behavior.

The two video monitors featured a collection of Disney scenes and ladies. It was produced by Alex Bourgeau, The Palm’s box office manager, publicity marketers and talent searchers. He is a gem in the crown of this cabaret. “Who let the dogs out?” cried the background video showing 101 Dalmations smiling sweetly. But Cruella de Vil [a pun of cruel and devil] brought her evilness to the stage with Miss Conception [Kevin Levesque] sporting a black and white wig and long flowing overcoat. Much of the song lyrics were changed by Miss Conception’s scriptwriting. But she remained a scary woman which the dogs did not like. Her singing was sassy and seemingly threatening but all done with her perpetual professionalism of controlling the night from the stage.

Ariel, the Little Mermaid, swam freely thought the sea, and Miss Conception brought along four lucky audience members who donned cartoon-character sea monster costumes and followed her through the crowd swimming and flapping their arms and fins. Miss Conception loves to traverse the audience, picking out one person and joking, then another with a “rude” comment or question. No one is safe but it is all great fun.

Mary Poppins complete with a black coat, hat and umbrella sang “Spoonful of Sugar” but with different words suggesting Mary was not into sugary medicine but more of a powder form.
Tinkerbell alit onto the stage dressed in pale blue with a soft scarf hanging along her back. It became lit with tiny blue luminaries and as she twirled her body, the colorful lights wisped by.
Miss Conception confessed that she always wanted to be a fairy!

Miss Conception scared the people seated in front of her with an extremely evil Maleficent. She was cloaked in black and threatened with a set of horns. “I Put A Spell On You” made the room even eerier. The Lion King” roars onto the stage with Miss C. costumed as a big furry bear, complete with a long tail and floppy ears. She cavorts across the stage and proudly sings a smooth and uplifting “Circle Of Life”. Shedding the lion, she immersed into Aladdin ending the night with “Friend Like Me”.

Assistant and sidekick Max Castillo.

The Palm Cabaret
Olas Altas 508  
Zona Romántica – Southside, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
20th Anniversary Season      
www.ThePalmCabaret.com   May pay by PayPal online.                        
[email protected]
222-0200/322-182-9656 [Mexican cell phone]   
The box office is open from 10 am – 10 pm. 

This article authored by Gary R. Beck 
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