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Our mistress of magical female illusion,also known as Female Delusionist®, is on stage again to the pleasure of so many of her followers whom she has accumulated throughout the seasons performing here, back when Puerto Vallarta was not a hot spot for live entertainment as it is now. Parading along Playa Los Muertos was one common method to advertise the show and bring in viewers. She has perfected her image and shows after 18 years around the world and headlining on cruise ships. She is launching her annual new show with costume and wig changes right before your eyes. One dress lays atop the others with never an accidental sneak peek of the next outfit.
Illustrious pianist Nate Buccieri introduced current headliner Eric Michael Krop who performed with Nate “Alive”, Sia and Adele’s tune. The crowd was impressed and should attend his show or Nate’s two packages “Nate on the Keys” and “Artist Tribute Series”. All four of the ladies from “Golden Girls” appear at once. Try to figure that one out. Miss Conception [AKA Kevin Levesque] was hilarious singing “We Are Family”. The song was a wonderful choice for these four women living together surrounded by uproarious humor.
‘To boldly go where no man has gone before’ marked the proliferation of fantasy programs, some centered in outer space fighting aliens as “Star Trek” where Leonard Nimoy appeared with big ears and slicked back black hair. Miss Conception chose “The Addams Family” to demonstrate that kooky odd characters were rather popular on television in the 1960s. Head of household Morticia sang “Dark Lady” complete with timely handclaps from the audience. “You homosexuals know how this goes.” Farout themes continued with “I Dream of Jeannie” as Miss Conception slyly described a “Genie in a Bottle” from Christina Aguilera. Rubbing her little bottle, she conjured up images of sexy Barbara Eden assisting her ‘master’..
A pleasant staging process occurs all throughout the evening. On the two video screens are shown clips from various television classics. While the audience members watch them, Miss Conception changes on stage into the next outfit and wig in preparation of the upcoming spotlight. This procedure avoids departing to don the following vision. Musical variety shows have left an enormous historic stamp including “Sonny and Cher” which provided song and dance numbers. A poor audience member was transformed into a mop-headed Sonny and he and Cher delivered their greatest hit, the debut single from 1965 “I Got You Babe”.
“The Simpsons” and “The Muffet Show” supplied her review of animated television shows still popular today. Cartoon clips showed Homer, Miss Piggy and Kermit up to their usual silliness. A “Baywatch” video clip showed tons of skin much to the applause of the onlookers, both male and female. “I’m Too Sexy” was sung as she slithered from side to side. But a giant walking shark, fierce Max Castillo, approached the seashore stage and ended up dancing along instead of chomping. “I’m sweating like a moose because I’m from Canada.”
Quite a number of television-changing shows are acknowledged from “Three’s Company” to “The Nanny” to “Married With Children” which spotlighted Fran Drescher whom Miss C. called the easiest and best woman to portray since she became a gay icon. Intermission was approaching so Miss Conception “could layer up another 800 dresses”.
Suddenly, Act II started and Lucy shot out with Ricky, played by Alberto Cuevas [El Diamante], dueting on “Oh Mickey”…you’re so fine you blow my mind, with the name changed to ‘Ricky’. An orchestra played the “I Love Lucy” theme song and Miss Conception imitated a couple of the oral sounds of the star, as ‘uuuuhhhh’. Her red hair was ablaze and she wore a traditional full-skirted blue and white spotted outfit.
Her show is packed with memorable television shows, too many to list. Everyone had their favorites and some attendees had never seen a certain program before. Such youth. “Will and Grace”‘s sidekick Karen was performed by Miss C. singing “Money Money Money”. Miss C. declared this was a great character to impersonate. But Miss C. said the best of them all was “Wonder Woman” who showed that females may have leads and actually conquer some male adversaries. She hit Superman portrayed by Max Casillo with pows! When not on the road or in a Toronto club, Kevin donates time to fundraising events, especially AIDS-related, performing shows and making many new friends along the way. “Stay positive and be kind.”
Written by Gary Beck author of Beck’s Best 2018 Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Guide Beck’s Best: Kindle e-book: www.amazon.com/Puerto-Vallarta-Restaurant-Guide-ebook/dp/B004NEVX7I



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