Puerto Vallarta Drag Shows Miss Conception Villians at The Palm Cabaret

Miss Conception The Palm

Puerto Vallarta Drag Shows Miss Conception Villians at The Palm Cabaret. Miss Conception or Miss C. brings her 19 year-long one-woman live singing show back to Paradise which she considers her home now for the ninth year. Every single person gathered tonight was super-excited to have the opportunity where our zany persona beyond description introduces a brand new show, one more notch in the belt. She is a self-proclaimed Female Delusionist® and nearly a magician in that she changes her costumes and wigs many times right in front of the audience. Suddenly she is a new character in Villains of which she will impersonate and demonstrate what an utter villain this person truly is.

Sutton Lee Seymour came out and previewed her ongoing smash show Booby Tubes. She is a wonder which absolutely must be seen but has not mastered yet the Spanish language. So, she could not sing vulgar songs unless she translated into Spanish so as not to insult any nonLatins. “Pinga” [use Google Translate} started her off in her new language to much laughter. Luis A V Ruiz Villanueva sang “My Girl” acknowledging one of the sounds which influenced him when growing up in Chiapas. Frank Sinatra and Michael Bublé are two other crooners he salutes. Echoing through the room, Miss C. shouted: “The season has finally started!” “Queen of Hearts” kicked off the festivities.

Tonight’s new show has a theme of journeying through the memorable evil characters in movies. Miss Conception “becomes” one, then another, singing an evil tune exposing the villain’s demeanor. She not only looks strikingly like the character, but her vocals also drive you to believe that they are true, then some shake in their seats. Eartha Kitt set the stage for what lies ahead with “I Want to be Evil”. From Hocus Pocus, Miss C. declared “I Put a Spell On You” a la Bette Midler. The audience knew they were in trouble now. Villains everywhere and nowhere to run. Beautiful blond Tippi Hedren hassled in The Birds by large blackbirds seen on top of her arms and shoulders. She sang appropriately “Blackbird”, “Close To You”: “Why do birds suddenly appear Every time you are near? Just like me, they long to be Close to you” and “Rockin’ Robin”. Miss Conception is the mistress of delightful characters, costumes and songs.

Miss Conception [Kevin Levesque} welcomed her parents from Canada to her show, all the screaming fans from Canada and the large constituency from PTown AKA Provincetown. “My parents are so proud of me” as she blurted out an off-color joke. She usually needs a sidekick helper and tonight two men, Max Castillo and Alberto Cuevas El Diamante danced and wore scary costumes as the roles required.

Kathy Bates emerges with a sledgehammer in her hand and wickedly attacks her captive writer. Annie Wilkes is not only a horrid sight but her visible actions are abhorrent. She evilly warbles “Every Breath You Take” and “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”. The play became a scary nightmare. That tyrant Captain Hook was dressed stunningly but looked vicious, especially with the huge menacing golden hook. Octopus-legged Ursula the Sea Witch jumped from the waters of The Little Mermaid. She sang a wonderfully sexy and threatening “Poor Unfortunate Souls”. Horror upon horrors, Dr. Frank-In-Furter, Tim Curry, frightens a young lost couple with “Sweet Transvestite” and plenty more.

Silence of the Lambs brought Hannibal Lecter face-to-face with Clarice. Miss C. revealed she felt he was the creepiest villain ever. Now that everyone is scared at the sight of him center stage, she breaks into “Eat ’em” rather different from “Beat It”. Star Wars Princess Leia has an encounter with evil Darth Vader involving swords that reenacted a war of their own. Hearts can stop pounding now that the extravaganza has come to a finale.

There is no performance similar to that of Miss Conception. That is one reason she continues to pack the house night after night with her shows selling out quickly.

Hair by Mikah Styles.
Costumes by Jose Luis Casillas, Jose Luis Casillas Chavarin, Richard Ryder and Manolo Becker..

Sponsored by PVRPV.com and Men’s Room Chicago. She runs her Miss Conception Resident Comfort Fund with Fife House.  www dot missconception dot ca


The Palm Cabaret Olas Altas 508 Mexico 20th Anniversary Season Tickets: www.ThePalmCabaret.com May pay by PayPal online.
[email protected] 222-0200/322-182-9656
The box office is open from 10 am – 10 pm.
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