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nunsense cabaret show act 2
Nunsense was a highly popular Off-Broadway smash hit and now Act 2 Entertainment’s own version starring five nuns who are actually men. Many attendees found themselves chuckling every minute at the visuals of men dressed as nuns singing clever, sometimes off-color jokes in the songs’ revealing lyrics. The five were one nonstop song and dance entity. The men were not clumsy but well choreographed. This production is a great experience in escapism and surprising humor. But Reverend Mother was concerned that there may be plainclothed nuns in the audience frowning at the sisters’ language and thoughts.

The original “Nunsense” show was fi
rst performed in Brazil as “Novicas Rebeldes” and this version premiered in New York in 1998. The Reverend Superior Mary Regina has a convent of nuns, the Little Sisters of Hoboken but their cook, Sister Julia, Child of God, made vichyssoise which sent almost all of them to Heaven. Burial costs demanded a fundraiser so the nuns could keep their holy place alive. Their religious names reflected their personalities like Sister Amnesia who could not remember anything, including her name and Sister Myopia [Sebastian LePage, lighting technician] who had difficulties projecting the spotlight on the featured nun who was chatting, singing and dancing. A variety show was chosen as the method to earn money but disagreements arise as to each one’s role in the extravaganza.

At this attempt to gather money for the nuns’ burials, the nuns sang and danced singly, then as duos, then the entire group of five sang in ‘perfect harmony’. Songs which spoke of their trials and dreams include “Turn Up The Spotlight”, “I Just Want to be a Star” and “I Could’ve Gone to Nashville”, the last tune revealing the return of Sister Amnesia’s memory of becoming an Opryland star.  
The stars in the Act 2 version are Bert Ramirez, Shawn Morgan, José Jasso, Roberto Gomez and Al Carswell, in no particular order. They are all exactly on target and talented. These men are having a blast and the vibes fly throughout the hall. Forget your worries and troubles. This show will make anyone laugh loudly and applaud soundly. It is going to be a huge success which Act II staged during this slowing of the season but the theatrical center now continues to provide year-round entertainment for the community. With Gay Pride soon underway, many visitors will delight in this whimsical slapstick production. The harmonious number where the sisters become the Andrews Sisters is worth a visit alone. 
The Reverend Mother explained to the audience that it is easy to become a saint. Latch onto a famous one and emulate the spirit. “Holier Than Thou” was a marvelous group number which rocked the room and caused hands to flow back and forth, ending in choruses of shouts. As the opening tune states: “Nunsense is habit forming”. Direction by Alfonso López and Choreography by Steven Retchless. Show info and tickets available online at The Box office opens the day of show at 4 pm and there is a second box office across the street from Garbo on Púlpito. 

This blog written by Puerto Vallarta resident Gary Beck, author of Beck’s Best Restaurant Guide. For more of Beck’s Best: Theater, Cabaret and More: visit 



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