Puerto Vallarta Theater Shows Piel Canela The Palm Cabaret 2019 2020

piel canela

Puerto Vallarta theater shows Piel Canela at The Palm Cabaret 2019 2020. Here is a hot, smooth Latin band whose five members blend together and feed off each other marvelously. The House Band at The Palm Cabaret returns for another season of Latin rhythm with pop sounds, songs in Spanish or English. Fernando Huerta Gonzalez leads Piel Canela with his specially selected musicians to produce as fine a Latin band possible. His passion for rumba Flamenco styles of guitar playing enabled him to excel. Gary Flores Morales loved many music genres from a young age leading him into flamenco and indigenous Maya music. His percussion drumming abilities, styles, talent and influences have taken him to the top. Luis Rascón is a stellar double bass player whose aim is to produce music, create new sounds and play new instruments such as violonchelo [cello],  violin, duduk, kenas [quenillas] and bongos. José Galvan “Pepe” on bass guitar has worked in musical genres as Mexican/Latin, mariachi, R&B and jazz. He is drawn to Latin styles and rhythms and Alberto Ramirez “Mimi” with his focus and love for music residing within him and his guitar. With his natural flamenco styles on Spanish and electric guitar, Mimi is loved for his creative guitar arrangements.

“Virtue” started the evening slow and easy then bold with flaming guitars. It was written by Jesse Cook who is considered one of the most influential figures in “nuevo flamenco” music today. The band loves the music of the Gipsy Kings and delivered their style of rumba flamenco. This fine band could play all night long the songs of the Gipsy Kings. The band’s arrangements on “Quando Quando Quando” were jazzy sang in two languages. “Tell me when will you be mine.” They also took another song to musical areas not commonly associated: “Stand By Me”, the sixty-year-old Ben E. King song. The swing of the Latin rhythm was exciting leading to body motions reacting to the beat.

Piel Canela was most recently performing in British Columbia, Canada and the USA. Undoubtedly, they spread their Latin rumba Flamenco sound to waiting, learning ears. Puerto Vallarta is happy to share its treasure as long as they return home!

During the intermission break, Alex Bourgeau announced the newest talent of The Palm Cabaret, Bobby Brooks Wilson. He is an established professional star aside from his fame as Jackie Wilson’s son. Jackie’s hit “[Your Love Keeps Lifting Me] Higher and Higher” was delivered in a down deep soul and rocked the room. The tune later climbed the charts by Rita Coolidge. He had returned from a Malt Shop Cruise where entertainers were oldies but goodies or performed songs from the era of soul and R&B of the 50s and 60s. Lenny Welch was honored with his masterful “Since I Fell For You”.

Piel Canela’s second CD was released last week called “The Best Of Latin Hits”. This compilation and its predecessor are available for sale here. The cover features the five musicians in front of the church at Parque Hidalgo, Our Lady of Refuge. From it, they showcased several songs including the dancing shaker “Un, Dos, Tres…Maria”. They dipped into “Baila Me”. Throughout the wild band work full of strumming guitars, strong Latin percussion and Luis on his sleek violonchelo, all members expressed such joy of working together musically which is obviously their main life pleasure. They grinned and joked, exposing the fun happening on stage with it spreading and infecting the audience.
Their mastery of The Gipsy Kings was expressed with “Djobi, Djoba”.

Fernando announced a necessary finale for tonight saying that they would give us a medley of Santana songs. Those performed included the lovely lilting “Europa”, smash “Smooth” and “Corazón Espinado”.

Fernando offered thanks on the new CD to Eduardo Leon, “my music mentor” and to Karlyn Fisher for “always your help organizing this band and marketing”.

The Palm Cabaret Olas Altas 508   Zona Romántica – Southside, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico    

Tickets: www.ThePalmCabaret.com   May pay by PayPal online.
[email protected]                         
-0200/322-182-9656 [Mexican cell phone]
The box office is open from 10 am – 10 pm.

This article courtesy of Gary R. Beck


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