Puerto Vallarta Theater Shows Piel Canela At The Palm Cabaret

Piel Canela the palm
Piel Canela with special guest Hannah Brady January 27, 2019  at 7 pm                                                                      
Every Sunday at 7 pm with various guests The Palm Cabaret Bar 
Piel Canela is now a formidable band headed by Fernando Huerta González with fellow musicians Al Ramirez, Gary Flores Morales, Sam Renteria Avila and Pepe Galván. Each of the five are exemplary musicians in the top of their field. Nate Buccieri introduced the band and they jumped into a Santana tune “Oye Como Va” with steady and streaming Latin beats. Fernando acknowledged a great affinity for Gipsy Kings and started their salute with “Baile Me”: This gypsy rumba I will always sing. On stage is viewed a band with two percussionists and three guitarists. They play together terrifically, bouncing off one another and improvising widely. Their round musical sound raises the spirits and urges everyone to dance. Another number from the worldwide group is “Bamboléo”, singing of how they wish to live.
This band has played in various forms with many of the top artists visiting the Bahía de Banderas area. They keep getting better and better.. Fernando spent six months in Canada while low season here fine-tuning and perfecting where he envisioned the band growing, wanting to expand their Latin song list. He is Mexican and wishes to sing in Spanish, his and the band’s language. The result felt by the attendees is hearing the truth, not a fake attempt to please.
Fernando called out their guest to the delight of the crowd. Word on the street has been spreading about Hannah and her bluesy, r&b and soul style of song material, taking notable tunes and giving them her interpretations. She has a regular gig at The Boutique Community Theatre. She arrived from Cancun a year ago but has toured across the globe and is self-assured and confident. All six members on the stage joined for “[You Are My] Treasure” which was smoothly delightful. They kicked it up several notches with a thumping “Superstition”. Hannah absorbed Stevie’s song, allowing it to flow inside her and then delivered the melody and lyrics like everyone heard for the first time.
Puerto Vallarta Theater Shows Piel Canela At The Palm Cabaret starting Act II, Nate talked about the new movie A Star Is Born starring Lady Gaga and introduced one of her compositions “I’ll Never Love Again”: ‘And I don’t wanna give somebody else the better part of me. I would rather wait for you.’ This was a new song discovery and will be heard no doubt many times again, possibly not as good as how these men projected it. Piel Canela then resounded beautifully with “Volare” which mashed into “El Toro Enamorado de La Luna” both made famous by Gipsy Kings. The second rendition is both melodic and rhythmic, a delightful addition to any performance of Latin music.
Fernando asked several times for any request and once, a man shouted ‘Something Cuban and Flamenco’. The answer, sure, we can do one and what a sound arose. “El Cuarto de Tula” is a Cuban sound rocket from Buena Vista Social Club. “Cielo Rojo” is a sweet Mexican lament composed by the famous brothers of the 40’s Juan and David Zálzar. ‘His heart is aching.’ The anguish is heard in all the band’s voices.
This weekly show is special in that each time a different singer or musician appears with the band. This works for creating new music and exposing many times relative newcomers to the community. See all the cabaret show reviews here. 
Review written by  Gary Beck author of Beck’s Best 2018 Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Guide Beck’s Best and Beck’s Best Theater, Cabaret and More http://www..facebook.com/groups/PuertoVallartaShows  Kindle e-book: www.amazon.com/Puerto-Vallarta-Restaurant-Guide-ebook/dp/B004NEVX7I  



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