Rainere Martin: Ultimate Tribute to Donna Summer at Act ii Puerto Vallarta

Rainere Martin: Ultimate Tribute to Donna Summer at Act ii Puerto Vallarta. From the moment she steps on the stage, you will be blown away by her uncanny resemblance to Donna Summer. She has the same style, grace, energy and voice.. Donna’s projections of soul and pop tunes are infused into her performances while her infectious personality captivates all around. She is a spectacular performer, not to be missed. Video screens portrayed shots of Donna Summer coupled with a couple of her song successes. Then Rainere appeared as glamorous as one could be, singing “Hot Stuff”: “Gotta have some love tonight.”
She explains, “It was a realization that I didn’t just sing Donna’s songs, I felt them.” She said that tonight, she was going to take everyone on her personal journey climaxing with her fantastic, well-received tribute show.. An interesting feature of the song list of Donna Summer is that she rarely sang an all-ballad song. She starts slowly on many of the compositions, then builds up to a disco beat. Fans slow-danced through the first part, then broke apart and danced wildly. An example, starting softly, sweet and in love or lust, she delivered “Dim All the Lights” only to pause and enter an uptempo state with her body moving and the long glitter fringe on her arms fluttering side to side.
Rainere acknowledged the women who strive for making a living with strangers. “Bad Girls”, “Talking about the sad girls” was handled with pride and a strong beat. Another smash hit “She Works Hard for the Money” give the girls credit for surviving however they can. Rainere exposed that this music is near and dear to her heart. “This is special for me.”
Hailing from Philadelphia, a big break in her long-struggling career occurred when she first portrayed Donna Summer in the “Legends in Concert” series. For eight years she has performed saluting her and audiences have been dumbstruck with her uncanny resemblance to Donna, especially in the looks and voice. She enjoys performing songs from different eras and appreciates these pioneers. Rainere has performed in theater, music videos, movies, television and on cruise ships with the same blustery energy.
“I Love You” is another huge success by Donna and Rainere sang it with uptempo emotions. She erupted into “Heaven Knows” joined on the record by Joe Esposito of Brooklyn Dreams. Will her man come back? Only Heaven knows. Donna was the queen of disco and will never be equaled. She slid into a slow “On the Radio” building up to a huge crescendo of vocals sounding exactly like the star she is portraying.
Rainere said that she likes to sing cover versions also and dove into Stevie Wonder”s “Sir Duke – You can feel it all over”. Her vocal strength in the upper regions is evident all evening. She can move and stretch her top vocals with clarity. Rainere chatted about recording some covers throughout her career. She mentioned Barry Manilow’s hit “Could It Be Magic” which Donna redid and even recorded a duet of the tune together.
“Here is a song I have sung for years and still do not have a clue what it is about. That led to the mysterious “Mac Arthur Park” with “Someone left the cake out in the rain. All the sweet, green icing flowing down.” Her performance was stellar with the audience responding with fervor. After struggling to obtain the correct track for her next tune, at last, she sang “No More Tears [Enough is Enough]” with Barbra Streisand singing her part on the recorded track and Donna [Rainere] answering back.
Rainier advised based on her own struggles, “If you have a passion, stick with it.” “I have to end the show tonight with her best-known hit, she sadly declared. “Last Dance” was a perfect tune to wrap up her evening of disco memories by Rainere, a beautiful woman and songstress. The immediate standing ovation gave clues that her run here will be a major success and she will make thousands of new friends.

Act II Entertainment – Red Room – Seventh Season 

Insurgentes 300 [corner of Basilio Badillo and Insurgentes], second floor 
Romantic Zone/SouthSide, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

Show info and tickets available online at www.act2pv.com    
The box office is open from 10 am – 10 pm.

This review written by Gary R. Beck                                     

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