Sherry Vine Returning To The Palm Cabaret And Bar

Hello Miss Sherry Vine! Thank you for this interview for GayPV Magazine! When did you last perform in Puerto Vallarta?

This is actually my third time performing in PV; the first was in March 2020 and I left the day before everything closed down! Then I did 2 weeks in March 2022 at The Palm Cabaret and Bar which was a blast! I’m so excited to be coming back in the new upcoming 2022/2023 season.

What made you decide to do PV this season?

I had such a wonderful experience at The Palm Cabaret that as soon as Mark invited me to come back in the Fall I immediately said, “Yes”! I’ll be there Nov 21 – Dec 2. I’ll be performing my new solo show, Potty Mouth and on Dec 1 I’ll have a special show prepared for World AIDS Day.  Potty Mouth is my new solo show. I performed the show this summer in Phoenix, DC, NYC, Rehoboth, Hudson, Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki. Even a mouthful of lavender soap can’t clean Sherry Vine up. POTTY MOUTH is Sherry’s latest show of new filthy parodies and hilarious comedy. Celebrating the 3 P’s; poop, penis and prostitution. Including parodies of; Cher, Eartha Kitt, Disney, Broadway, Johnny Mathis, Abba, and even The Ramones!

How did you put this show together?

I created Potty Mouth after the lockdown. I really just wanted a silly, fun, dumb show of new parodies lol. I felt like after everything people went through we just need to laugh. My job/goal with this show is literally to keep people laughing for an hour! And the title pretty much sums it up.

What do you feel the difference is between putting together a drag show in NYC vs PV is? Less clothes and more drugs in PV doesn’t count!

LOL! Well, I live in LA now but for PV I am giving them the same filth and funny and glam that I would give anywhere. I know most people are on holiday so I want them to walk away from the show satisfied, sides hurting from laughing and hopefully talking about how much they loved the show. Performing these new parodies in Europe was the test. I think if they were cracking up in Oslo then I will be slaying it in PV! 

How has your experience been working with The Palm Cabaret?

I loved working at The Palm. First of all, Mark really is a rare find of someone who sincerely cares about the artists and the show. He was extremely helpful and took care of every little whim. The staff is amazing and so sweet. And the other artists are some very dear friends, new and old (Sutton!). It’s also a great space – the sound, lights, etc is top notch. And I love that I can just stand out front and bark because of the street traffic – like a proper hooker! lol

Is there anything, your show aside, you are looking forward to doing while in PV? Are you friends with or had a chance to watch any of our other PV queens?

I’m also looking forward to hitting the beach and sun. I am a Pisces and I feel at home near the ocean. The One and Only Mama Tits actually baby sits me every day at Sapphire pool where we sit in the sun and order food. I’m great friends with Mama and Sutton. I love Miss Conception so much. I was blown away by all the talent there last March and can’t wait to see what’s playing in November.

Not all gay cities have a thriving scene like PV or NYC. What does it mean for a city to have a thriving cabaret scene? 

A thriving cabaret scene is SOOOOO important. Anywhere. First of all, it’s great for drag artists like myself who maybe can’t fill a 600 seat theatre. I love the intimacy of a cabaret space. I want the audience to smell me – no comments lol! 

What are you hearing about PV as a gay circuit and travel destination? 

I had heard about PV being a gay destination for years before finally going and I fell in love. Honestly, and I am not just saying this, I haven’t spent more than a few days in any other gay resort. I love P-Town, Rehoboth, The Dunes, etc but PV is the only place I want to spend 2 weeks in. I love the culture, the people, the beach, the shows. I love practicing my Spanish – I am working on it.

As a long time cabaret performer, what is the biggest change in the cabaret scene and is it better and easier today than years ago especially after COVID-19?

I think the biggest change I’ve seen in the past few years is the audience demographics. Mostly thanks to Drag Race, the audience has expanded. It used to be 99% gay men and now the audiences are more diverse, even in PV. I love that! If you are ready to laugh all are welcome! Please find out where and when I am performing on – you can also browse the Sherry Vine shopping center there. And please follow me on Thanks and see you soon in Puerto Vallarta at The Palm Cabaret and Bar!



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