Spencer Day at The Palm Cabaret 2019/2020

spencer day the palm cabaret

Spencer Day at The Palm Cabaret 2019/2020 is consistently one of the top draws of The Palm Cabaret season. This talented man returns to serenade everyone with a range of tunes in a soft, personable voice. He has brought on board renown guitarist duo Eduardo Leon and [Zoey] Zoe L. Wood. Their sound mixes with the vocals of Spencer and is especially great when Spencer moves to his piano. They perform as a duo in various local venues. Chuy is on drums. He discussed his recent musical experiences in the Broadway scene where he sang many favorite show tunes. The run was a major success but with the talent he possesses, that is no surprise. Now he is back in Mexico where he loves the community of Puerto Vallarta entertainment. He veered into Boleros, hence the name of his new show here “Broadway to Boleros”. So, he proceeded into a classic bolero “Historia De Un Amor.” It is beautifully and romantically performed. “I’m Too Old to Sleep Myself to the Top” was a clever treatment of starting in the business and striving to become a star.

He slid through Evita’s “I’d Be Surprisingly Good For You”, a tale of the Argentinean Perons. Singing in Spanish “Cuando Calienta el Sol” [meaning “When the sun heats up” which became a huge standard song in English “Love Me With All Your Heart”]. He gave it a bold interpretation expressing his love.

Spencer discussed that songwriting, his favorite art, and while seated at the piano, gave one such composition “Poor Marie” about the sad fate of Marie Antoinette, facing the guillotine during the French Revolution. Another tune about climbing to the top said: “I’m Going to Fake It Until I Make It”. The words described this struggle for success. His delicate but precise singing combined with his piano work and the two guitarists resulted in a terrific number.

He displayed more of his songwriting skills with “[The Ghost of] Miss Chateau Marmont”, describing an old Hollywood boutique lodging. Eerie and subtle, it lures you into envisioning the place. He is famous for his song “Movie of Your Life”. He imagined piecing together the stream of events that occur in one’s life. He wondered if you would want to watch this flick. Listeners certainly wanted to hear and watch more of this dear singer but the evening had reached its conclusion. One can always return for more of his musical enjoyment.

The Palm Cabaret                                                                           
Olas Altas 508  
Zona Romántica – Southside, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
20th Anniversary Season      
www.ThePalmCabaret.com   May pay by PayPal online.                        
[email protected]
222-0200/322-182-9656 [Mexican cell phone]
The box office is open from 10 am – 10 pm.
This article authored by Gary R. Beck
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