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Act 2 PV best of broadway

Tonight, the new show began without an introduction The Best of Broadway Act 2 PV. Behind a sheer curtain, figures could be seen arranging the set with four large upright panels. Four people scrambled then began singing and the cloth was lifted exposing a simple clean stage. On the panels was the name of a Broadway musical as one would see on the sidewalk beckoning people inside to view their production.

Months of planning and rehearsing have cumulated with a musical revue of many favorite Broadway shows. Four young established Latin singers/dancers join in giving a memorable evening of not only great songs but the choreography, charm and delight burst forth over the crowd constantly. Tonight, we are able to enjoy Brenda Gaviño, tribute singer of this season’s Linda Ronstadt show, In My Voice, Faride Talamas, co-star of last year’s Twist & Shout, Marc López, debuting here after years of trying to coordinate an arranged time and also has an upcoming show Crooners and Legends here and Víctor Do Espirito, former lead singer at Hard Rock Hotel in Riviera Maya and Puerto Vallarta.

Wicked produced a tune about struggling to stay afloat in “Defying Gravity” – “You can’t pull me down”. It is a wondrous marvel watching and listening to these four accomplished singers as they dance around each other, swing partners and sidestep in unison. Line kicking in fancy gold satiny clothes was the troupe, arm in arm singing “One” from A Chorus Line.

Dressed in 50’s gang-style black and white outfits, the four swung out a hot Grease medley of the popular songs as “Grease [Is The Word]”, “Hopelessly Devoted To You” by Faride, “You’re The One That I Want”, “Summer Nights” and “Sandy”.

Millions of people’s favorite song from Dream Girls was belted out strongly “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” by Daniela. Funny Girl is packed solid with wonderful oft-herd tunes and “Don’t Rain On My Parade” was chosen to show the emotion of the struggle of an artist shooting for stardom. From Phantom of the Opera, the exquisite “All I Ask of You” tonight is a stunning duet of Daniela and Víctor. Their voices blend in leads and harmonies sending chills up your spine.

A rousing slice of Les Miserables included French flag-waving for the revolution and the song “One Day More”. Jesus Christ Superstar is known for its title track but Víctor gave one of the highlight presentations with his “Why Should I Die”. This was a viewing of an artist with a good voice and stage movements making for a total production not to be forgotten. Altering the mood, a simply beautiful interpretation of “Memory” from Cats was performed by Daniela superbly.

This is a wonderful spotlight on Broadway musicals with a cast of four artists who will be heard often in the future. Following each of them will be a pleasure. They are at the top of their class.This show is produced by Act 2 PV.

Act II Entertainment – Stages – Seventh Season 

Insurgentes 300 [corner of Basilio Badillo and Insurgentes], second floor 
Romantic Zone/SouthSide, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

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This article written by Gary R.Beck
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