Drag Shows In Puerto Vallarta The Kinsey Sicks: Naked Drag Queens Singing

Kinsey Sicks Naked Drag Queens Singing195
drag shows in puerto vallarta kinsey sicks
Drag Shows In Puerto Vallarta The Kinsey Sicks: Naked Drag Queens Singing
OPENING NIGHT: March 12 at 7:30 pm
CONTINUING SHOWS: March 14, 16, 19, 21, 23, 26, 28 and 30 at 7:30 pm
SPECIAL ENCORE SHOW “Things You Shouldn’t Say”: March 24 at 5 pm
‘A peek behind the queens.’ Our favorite dragapella® beautyshop quartet is back for their 25th-Anniversary world-premiere show after thrilling and amusing audiences worldwide. Puerto Vallarta’s theatrical community has been one of their major supportive forces through the years and now is our time to send back to them the love they have bestowed upon us. This run is also the final Puerto Vallarta performances of Founding Member and chief writer and lyricist Benjamin Schatz [Rachel] before he retires. This unique group’s forte is to take on contemporary happenings, however so repulsive, and twist them with the humor of their faces, words and body language. One must maintain full attention due to the speed of line deliveries. Often heard ‘They crack me up!’ Politics is always in the forefront and as one pointed out, the news has progressed past the themes they were rehearsing, even wilder than before. In this age, it is easy to be one step behind in the crazy news which is not fake.
Every so often, the Kinsey Sicks [Rachel, Winnie, Trampolina and Trixie] take turns calling out to the audience for questions. They declared that they are naked to the world, hence the title Naked Drag Queens Singing! But, these ladies do not remove their clothing. Rachel takes a melody then composes her own words which are takeoffs on the original theme. The girls point out that often she writes the melody in addition to the words. A total creation. Each lady wore a hand-designed outfit fitting to their personality. All of them were stunning works of art.
The lady quartet takes on the gospel world with a rousing spiritual “Be A Ho” from Trampolina while the other three offered choral background. This song exemplifies why this drag group has been so successful through twenty-five years. Their harmony and choreography are eye-opening and over-the-top professional. They discussed joining the quartet, almost always through sheer rigid auditions making certain that the new member would blend well with the others. Each chatted about being accepted into the group was a dream come true with each man bringing certain qualities and knowledge with them and uniting as one. They offer self-composed music and parodies of popular tunes, many time a cappella. Although highly comic, there is an underlying current of politics and biting rejection of many events of the 21st Century.
One of the many honest straight-forward questions made a subject of how long a show takes to prepare. All four ladies offered facets of how this process develops. Since they live in various American locations and they do not tour twelve months a year, much work is done in conference calls with each other adding ideas.. Rachel writes the songs and then they fit them together like a puzzle, tweaking here and there until everyone is totally satisfied. It is not until they are physically united that they perfect the music, quips, dances and spotlighted lead. At times Trampolina takes the lead, then the next entry is handled by another. All the while, the four move together and chide each other in loving attention. Their camaraderie shows from the stage and brings the audience into the show. The questions came from all over the room and differ at each show, so this is not a set preprogrammed evening. Everyone becomes a needed aspect of their delectable performance.
Pence and Trump meet face to face with the latter controlling the total conversation. “My Hair” is a creative takeoff by Rachel of Cabaret’s “Mein Heir”. It is most adult-orientated. A happy young man was summoned to a chair and the four stars danced around him singing and laughing. Such segments excite the crowd, enabling them to be a part of the happening. This joy, mixed with satire of the world today, is the top draw of this quartet of bubbling talents. Many in the seats felt seeing any of their shows once is definitely not enough. Of special note: Rachel is retiring but not withdrawing from the group. She will continue to write and work with the four ladies [the one replacement is waiting in the wings], preserving the special spirit of The Kinsey Sicks.
Review written by Gary Beck author of Beck’s Best 2018 Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Guide Beck’s Best and Beck’s Best Theater, Cabaret and More http://www..facebook.com/groups/PuertoVallartaShows  Kindle e-book: www.amazon.com/Puerto-Vallarta-Restaurant-Guide-ebook/dp/B004NEVX7I



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