Us Two Tribute To Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles Act ii Puerto Vallarta

Us Two Tribute to Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles Act ii Puerto Vallarta. Daniel Celis and Noemí Plascencia and their live band presented a musical tribute to the music of two iconic classic rock/pop groups from the 70s. Us Two, celebrating their third season at Act2PV, offers songs that will bring back memories from that era. A delightful aspect of this show is that they interweave compositions from both groups, split the lead vocal chores, add harmony while leading the sound with their hot grooving behind them. “Seven Bridges Road” began tonight’s exploration. This beautiful song describes southern skies with moonlight and moss on the trees.

“One of These Nights” brightened any person within ear distance. Us Two and band have set the stage on fire and knowingly shape the path. “Go Your Own Way” seemed like a necessary component and they performed it firmly, with delight.. Us Two designed the program to be as wide as possible so the usage of medleys for each group was smart.. The clips gave the listeners a portion of one of the terrific songs from the two bands. This method covers a great amount of territory in a shortened time-space.

Fleetwood Mac was a British American band that started in 1967 as a British Blues band. The Eagles was an American rock band that started in 1971 and is considered one of the most successful musical groups of the 70s. Together, these two acts epitomize some of the most well-known rock/pop musical sounds of this era and beyond.

Daniel conveyed the anxiety of being the “New Kid in Town” with hope in his offering. Then the melodic song turned to hot “Don’t Stop”: “Doin’ what you’re doin'” from Mac’s landmark CD Rumours. “Go Your Own Way” continued the striking vibes with four guitars bouncing off each other with fantastic riffs. The plaintive whining of the guitars blended with the firm beats and vocals of our duo..

These seven people on stage at once are a fantastic treat to one’s ears. They move with the very best around.”Heartache Tonight” warned of possible sadness and the band expressed these feelings so well. Sways and sighs throughout the room demonstrated the realm of memories resurfaced after so many years. A special moment occurred when Noemi took the Fleetwood Mac lead and sang “Rhiannon”. Dreamy flowing sounds from her were a simple delight. One of the evening’s best, “Landslide”, brought Noemi to the forefront singing Stevie Nicks softly yet firmly. Daniel supplied pitch-perfect harmonies making the song very true to the original.

Us Two has assembled a smooth, tight band with world-famous Alex Shilinsky beating on a Roland
Octapad drum set, Jared Garcia Gonzalez playing the bass guitar, Jorge Rodríguez the lead guitarist, Paul Lyons guitarist joined to produce deeper rhythmic bass sounds and Fernando Ibarra created musical instruments straight out of his multi-sound keyboard. Daniel plays his acoustic guitar often in junction with one or more of the guitarists. He states proudly that this is an all-Mexican band. The set introduction of the individuals is done by Daniel and Noemi in a very professional manner. Us Two wishes to give credit to all the musicians who were an equal part of this production.

A soft, subtle “Dreams”: “Thunder only happens when it’s raining” mellowed the night with the clear delightful vocals of Noemi. Sadly, they ended the musical experience with what Daniel stated was a necessary inclusion. This last song is beloved and encourages sing-along. Any fan of The Eagles recognizes this classic, “Hotel California”: “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!”

Their repertoire changes with each performance, so these amazing vocalists and band members encourage another unforgettable evening of music. In addition, Daniel revealed that the entire group has been working on a new show to debut in a couple of weeks. The theme will be the Bee Gees. Fast ticket sales are guaranteed.

Lighting and Sound by Sébastien Lepage.

Act II Entertainment – Red Room – Seventh Season 

Insurgentes 300 [corner of Basilio Badillo and Insurgentes], second floor 
Romantic Zone/SouthSide, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

Show info and tickets available online at 

E-mail: [email protected]   
The box office is open from 10 am – 10 pm.
The article written by Gary R. Beck                               

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