Varla Jean Merman Under A Big Top The Palm Cabaret

Varla Jean Merman the palm
Varla Jean Merman show “Under A Big Top” The Palm Cabaret and Bar
Opening Night January 25, 2019 at 9:30 pm
In 2019, January 26, February 1, 2, 6, 8, 9, 10, 15 and 16 at 9:30 pm
Nate Buccieri introduced the crowd favorite Kim Kuzma and she previewed her Cher and ABBA show running here Tuesdays with “Voulez-Vous”. The crowd loved her enthusiasm and wonderful voice which so many people have grown to adore for many years in Puerto Vallarta. She danced and waved her long blond hair enticingly [for some attendees!]
Then he sent out Varla in a ‘Brand New Show. Same Old Clown.’ She was in her first of many wild outfits explaining that life lately has been a circus. But the circuses of old are gone but smiled as she said the circus reopened in 2017 in Washington, D.C. Tonight, we re-entered the world of the circus under a big top. First, she appeared in carnival couture, brightly dressed and sang “I Wanna Be Under a Big Top”. After the rousing finale, she said “How can you get any better than that? You can’t. We peaked.”
A self-made video commercial was made showing a new beauty product introduced by Varla called Pepperoni Wipe. Her shenanigans were marvelous but not for the squeamish.  Unbelievable Magic was the next skit and in truth, it was ‘magic’ simply not believed. It was hard to refrain from a steady stream of giggles watching what she called magic and realizing she was pulling our legs. Then, there was “Cat Scratch Fever”, not at all what Ted Nugent had in mind. At the side of the stage was a large blue curtained screen which Varla went behind to change into the next dress and wig with the help of her valuable assistant Brian Johnston. His chores even included bringing large red drinks for her to sip or guzzle.
Varla boldly announced she was a medium, a type of mind-reader. She quizzed various audience members and was always wrong but everyone had a ton of fun listening to her methods of covering up an obvious miss. She did land the name and address of a potential hapless host in Las Vegas for her so she could reside there while giving shows in April. Few doubted that she would appear and knock on the door.
The carousel was a huge symbol of a circus and under the big top was one where Varla was seated on a stool holding a wooden hobby horse and twirling ’round and around until she was dizzy and quit. The sight of her spinning was hysterical. “This is what twenty-five years in the business looks like!”
“I hate clowns. They scare me.” But then Varla began her portrayal of funny and possibly scary clowns while an old classic black-and-white video was shown of Laurel and Hardy from the ’30s, Coney Island. Naturally, the song to present was “Send in the Clowns”: Don’t bother they’re here. She stated that she spent an entire Sunday morning on the Internet researching this show and she will never have that time back again.
The evening came to an end with a confident “This is Me” from The Greatest Showman. The video screens showed clips of Varla since ten years old, journeying along her path of becoming who she is. She was certainly adorable when a child [and loved getting dressed up already]. The bearded lady of the circus stood proudly proclaiming that she is what she is, so get used to it. She could not and would not change. Be yourself. ‘This is me’ is applicable to any living person. It was a superbly thoughtful finish to a funny circus show.
The Palm Cabaret and Bar Olas Altas 508   Zona Romántica – Southside, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 19th Anniversary Season[email protected]
222-0200/322-168-9950 [Mexican cell phone] Box office open 10 am daily
Review written by  Gary Beck author of Beck’s Best 2018 Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Guide Beck’s Best and Beck’s Best Theater, Cabaret and More  Kindle e-book:  



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