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miss conception
Very few impersonators [or delusionists] come close to the expertise and creativity which  Miss Conception possesses. She does not raise the bar. She is the bar. The minute her foot hits the stage, she is in charge and we are her attendants. A fantastic entertainer is one who takes control of an evening and never lets up until departing to the back room. She has enjoyed years of sold-out performances and one viewing will tell the theater-goer why. This being is a star of stars, female impersonator extraordinaire, who changes costumes, even wigs, on stage right before your eyes. She peels off one costume revealing another, then another, all coordinated with the next character she portrays. It is not uncommon to witness eight costume changes without her leaving the stage.
First, Kim Kuzma entered with seventies-style curly blond hair and gave a performance from her The 70’s Show singing Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody”. Soon, a loud voice announced the arrival of the star: “Let me take you around the world”, Miss C. offered. She created another new show with twelve new costumes that are all Mexican-made by local José Luis Casillas who is both creative and artistic in the designing and assembling outfits for our lady. Miss C. handed him bolts of material and discussed a number of ideas resulting with José using his mastery to enhance the show and portray exactly what was desired.
Last season, Kevin Levesque, as she is also known, combined the first five seasons into a ‘Best Of’ show. Favorite characters from movies and Disney matched with appropriate songs chosen melded into a complete entertainment package of super female singers presenting memorable tunes with sly remarks, stylized dancing, costumes and wigs. 
A backscreen video portrayed Miss Conception as she flew from country to country showing local landmarks. Havana, Cuba kicked off her wild ride. Max and Ivan appeared as backing dancers clad in sexy colorful outfits coordinating with Miss C. clad like Carmen Miranda complete with an over-the-top fruit headdress. She landed in the United States, becoming an enthusiastic State of Liberty with a fiery torch singing a very impressive “New York, New York”. Across the Big Pond we jetted and in front of Big Ben, Queen Elizabeth II at the age of ninety-one sang “Dancing Queen” demonstrating the old lady certainly still had her disco moves. Onward, jetting to Egypt and she seemed to “Walk Like an Egyptian” to everyone sheer delight. India was next and she miraculously became a multi-armed ancient Hindu goddess. Where those six arms and hands went is a sight to see. The Taj Mahal loomed behind her.
A logical stopover was Mexico with “Guadalajara” bursting through the air, sung by local handsome headliner Alberto Cuevas “El Diamante” strongly and clearly. Miss C. discussed how the two of them have worked together terrifically for over eight years and will be sorely missed as she heads north soon. The crowd expressed that this rousing fun number was welcome in their country. “Mambo Italiano” brought Italy and pizza to the forefront. She shook that area in front of the crowd. She was taught “Riverdance” by Michael Flatley and in Ireland, displayed the famed Irish dance marked by many rapid footsteps. Miss Conception excelled receiving loud applause. But then a large puppet box appeared and out popped her face and hands gleefully dancing as no one could have expected. This is one sight which must be seen to be believed.
Unfortunately, the world-wind excursion had to land but once more and nowhere else is appropriate except Canada, My Home Sweet Home. Miss Conception rejoiced in the love of her homeland as a Royal Canadian Mountie, red with the wide-brimmed hat. She broke into “Oh, Canada” which lapsed into “Blame Canada” as he marched the floor and saluted onlookers. 
The summation of a night with Miss Conception is a vision of top professionalism. Her expressions, quick humor, ad-libbing lyrics, dancing, somersaulting, kicking, and fantastic singing set her apart in the field and must not be missed by anyone who wishes some top quality hilarious entertainment. Her followers grow in number with this season’s over forty shows exposing her to a new crowd while retaining her devoted lovers from over the years. From April to September, lucky fans will be able to see her four times a week in Provincetown, R.I. and then she sails away with Amy and Freddy to Italy. Plan your trips accordingly. The bright stars shine and shout that she returns to our little slice of Paradise November 19, designing a Christmas show and new show for January onward.  \

This article contributed by PV Local Gary Beck.  For more of Beck’s Best: Theater, Cabaret and More: visit http://www.facebook.com/groups/PuertoVallartaShows




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