THE  BEEFDIP BEAR WEEK IN PUERTO VALLARTA WILL BRING IN 12 MILLION DOLLARS IN ECONOMIC REVENUE For 2023. In a press conference, producer Steve Buczek and Solidaridad Ed Thomas, a civil association, announced the details of “BeefDip Bear Week”, one of the most attended and longest running events in the world for bears – large-sized men with facial and body hair – and their admirers.

On February 2, 3 and 4 the street of Lázaro Cárdenas, from Ignacio L. Vallarta to Constitución, will be closed from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. for the safety of attendees, residents and visitors.
+ More than 5 thousand tourists will attend, mainly from the United States and Canada.
+ Economic revenue of 11 to 12 million dollars.
+ Collection event for the benefit of SETAC and Banco de Alimentos.

The festival takes place in Puerto Vallarta every year between the last weekend of January and the first weekend of February. This 2023, in its 19th edition, will have the attendance of more than 5 thousand national and foreign tourists. Steve Buczek, promoter of BeefDip, explained that, at an average consumption of 4 thousand dollars per person, this event will have an economic revenue of more than 11 million dollars, although adding transportation costs for attendees and production equipment, it will exceed 12 million dollars. Likewise, he informed that the activities range from excursions, pool parties, cruise ship, night club experiences, as well as a charity fundraising event, being this year SETAC and the Puerto Vallarta Food Bank the favored organizations. To date, in its different editions, BeefDip has raised more than 120 thousand dollars for social causes.

Meanwhile, José Spinnin Cortés, artistic director and DJ of BeefDip, said that the event is of such relevance that it is part of the documentary “Pride, The LGBTQ+ History Series”, which shows the history and culture of the gay community around the world. Christhian Preciado Cazares, in charge of the Office of Tourism and Economic Development of Puerto Vallarta, declared that for the government of Puerto Vallarta it is of great importance to support this type of event because of its inclusive nature, but also because it represents economic dynamism for more than 40 local businesses.

On her part, Carla Esparza Quintero, councilwoman president of the Tourism and Economic Development Commission, celebrated the bear encounter for being a demonstration of equal rights and non-discrimination. “We are all different as people, but equal in rights, welcome the bears to Puerto Vallarta”.
Finally, Luis Villaseñor, general director of the Public Trust for Tourism Promotion and Publicity of the Municipality of Puerto Vallarta, confirmed that this city is very welcoming for the entire LGBTQ+ community, so the tourism sector will continue to support these events and declared a period of high occupancy inaugurated, both for the BeefDip and the International Horse Festival.

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