Amapas Neighborhood Association Successfully Raises Funds to Reconstruct Abedul Stairs


The Amapas Neighborhood Association (A.N.A.), a prominent association in the city, launched an aggressive fundraising campaign just 50 days ago to raise $50,000 USD ($910,000 pesos) to reconstruct Abedul Stairs. The stairs are a frequently used pedestrian pathway that connects upper Amapas, Conchas Chinas, and the highway down to Zona Romántica restaurants and beach clubs. Today, Glenn Kacic, who spearheaded the project committee, reported that the campaign has successfully raised the required funds and work will begin this week. Since the launch $59,600 USD ($1,036,000 pesos) has been raised from 125 generous donors. Kacic stated that the committee is thrilled with the progress of the campaign. However, they are seeking further funding during the construction phase to incorporate additional safety and aesthetic features. The committee would like to express their gratitude to potential new donors in advance.



Due to the closure of nearby pedestrian and vehicle pathways, Abedul Stairs has become the primary route for hundreds of people daily. However, over the past few months, the stairs, railings, and lighting have deteriorated, and the stairs have become a hub for drug sales and other dubious criminal activity.

“We are committed to enhancing the safety and accessibility of our community,” said A.N.A. President, Gary Green. “Abedul Stairs is a vital pathway for local workers, residents and visitors, and we want to ensure that it is safe and well-maintained for everyone to use.”

The association is grateful for the support of the community and generous donors who contributed to the fundraising campaign. A.N.A. will continue to provide donors and members several updates on the project and anticipates finishing the project this summer.

To learn more about A.N.A. and their initiatives, please visit their website at

Contact:Gary Green President, Amapas Neighborhood Association
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]



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