Four Gay-Friendly Beachfront Villa Rentals near Romantic Zone Puerto Vallarta

You are sitting in your office thinking about that fantastic gaycation. You are thinking luxury, infinity pools, international cuisine, personal chefs, and activities galore. You want fun, romance, luxury, and culture.  Is there such a place? Yes. You can find ultra-luxurious, comfortable, and modern amenities in the most gay-friendly city in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta.  

PV has everything you want. Incredible comfort, luxury, and fun await! All you need to do is book your stay in one of the ultra-luxurious private villas in Puerto Vallarta, and you are set to have a fabulous vacay, one that you will remember for the rest of your life. 

Indeed, there is so much to love about Vallarta. Yes. It is luxury travel at its finest. But more than that, this city does a fantastic job of blending rich Mexican culture seamlessly with modern amenities and ultra-luxurious accommodations. There are so many things to do and see in Puerto Vallarta that you will have difficulty taking it all in, no matter how long you stay.  

Many regular visitors say Puerto Vallarta is the San Francisco of Mexico. It is posh, fun, vibrant, and accepting. But unlike Frisco, it is also financially accessible, exotic, and culturally rich. It is truly the perfect destination for an affordable gay beach vacation. It is a place that oozes fun, delights the senses, and offers the best in comfort and luxury. 

Worried about culture shock or not being able to speak the language? Don’t be. There are more gay English speakers in Puerto Vallarta than anywhere else in Mexico. Its year-round beach climate attracts LGBT tourists from around the globe, and many foreigners have made this city their home. Everything is here, and Vallarta can offer you whatever you want. Still not sure? Take a look at some of the amenities, activities, and places Puerto Vallarta has to offer you.

Puerto Vallarta’s Gay Scene

Being gay is sweet in Puerto Vallarta. You can be naughty or nice whenever you want. Dance the night away at one of the fun gay bars or relax in the shade on your own private veranda in your exclusive, private villa. Ask for a masseuse to come to your home, get a massage, and sip margaritas until dawn. Puerto Vallarta offers everything that is the epitome of the ultra-luxurious, comfortable lifestyle.  As a result, LGBTQ singles, couples, and even gay groups worldwide now frequent Puerto Vallarta as their preferred beach destination.

Numerous LGBTQ dance clubs, gay-friendly bars, saunas, gay activities, boat tours, cabarets, musicals, gay beaches, times, and vast arts and cultural scene visitors love. The city is enormous and one of Mexico’s top tourist destinations; however, if you are gay, Puerto Vallarta’s Zona Romantica is where you want to be and where you’ll never have to leave. It is all right downtown. The gay Zona Romantica and all its gay activities are located in PV’s old town, so be sure to find accommodations closest to this area to get in on all the fun. 

The Typical Zona Romantica Day

Daytime action on Playa Los Muertos typically begins around 2 pm and ends around sunset. It centers on Playa de Los Muertos, considered the town’s gay beach and one visitors from everywhere enjoy. 

Want evening action instead of daytime activities? Head out at about 9 pm and bar hop until dawn as the party never ends in Puerto Vallarta. Old Town’s Romantic Zone is the center of nightlife, with many bars offering a great start to any evening. Many are located on Olas Altas or Lazaro Cardenas street, and the crowds spill out clear into the street to continue the party. Like most places in Latin America, the nightlife only gets going around midnight, and most bars peak around 2 am. Latin Fever is definitely like in the movies, and it is contagious, so take it slow in the beginning and pace yourself. You’ll have a fun-packed vacation, and you’ll need your rest. 

When to Visit

Puerto Vallarta is a popular beach destination for Mexican and foreign tourists. Traveling during significant public holidays like Semana Santa and U.S. holidays (Thanksgiving and New Year) will guarantee the town is exceptionally crowded. Peak travel season also coincides with the colder climates up north. Keep in mind that people tend to start migrating south in October! While the summer months between June and October are hotter, daily tropical showers and warm ocean waters also entice visitors to the city during this season. And if you are into the party lifestyle, making new connections, and having fun, be sure to visit in May. Every May, Puerto Vallarta hosts Mexico’s most prominent gay pride celebrations. It is a blast, and you will party like there is no tomorrow at this Gay Pride festival. 

Gay-Friendly Villa Rentals in Puerto Vallarta

While partying is excellent, you won’t want to celebrate every second of every day while on your vacation. You will want some downtime, so you won’t necessarily want to stay in the middle of the Romantic Zone. The noise and revelry can be overwhelming.  It is always best to stay close to the action but far enough away to have privacy, relax, and enjoy time away from it all. The best advice we can give is to stay at one of the luxury rental villas from Villa Experience. These villas are close to the romantic zone but are private estates in secluded neighborhoods. They sit safely apart but close enough to walk to the Romantic Zone. Here are a few examples of the accommodations we are talking about.


Villa Amapas I

Art and beauty galore stand out at this home. It is fabulous!. There are lovely gardens and impressive skills, and you’ll feel the luxury in everything you touch. Within walking distance of the Romantic Zone, Villa Amapas is a three-bedroom suite and 3.5 bathrooms vacation home that will enchant you. Its traditional Puerto Vallarta style with wide open spaces impresses its seamless blend of style, luxury, and gorgeous ocean views. The vista is enveloping, awe-inspiring, and spectacular at Villa Amapas I. And if accessibility is a problem, not to worry, there is an elevator. Come and be pampered by the Villa Amapas staff, chef, housekeeper, and barman.  

Villa Amapas 2

It’s the little sister to Villa Amapas I. A gorgeous traditional Puerto Vallarta home that enchants everyone who enters its stately three-level design. This magnificent home sits next to its sister against the small cliffs of Conchas Chinas beach. The four-bedroom suites all open onto awe-inspiring views of the ocean. Check out the stone dining area on the patio and feel the lovely breezes on each private terrace. The house does have an elevator and an entire staff with a chef, wait staff, barman, and housekeeper. 

Villa Marea Alta 

Villa Marea Alta is the best place to call home for barefoot luxe close to the HOT Romantic Zone. It is a luxurious home that sits right on the sandy beach. Enjoy the infinity pool facing the ocean and the bay. Watch the sunset out on your private terrace. Be sure to enjoy dinner in the outdoor dining area prepared by your chef. The villa includes an entire staff and beautiful amenities that focus on your comfort: a perfect home, just a short 5-minute drive to the Romantic Zone. 

Villa Marea Baja 

Open the antique double doors, and you are in Mexican salmon pink paradise. Yes. This villa is salmon colored, but surprisingly, the color makes the perfect backdrop for the aquamarine waters of the bay. An elevator can take guests down to their private suite, and everyone can meet up at the gorgeous pool under the eaves of the bedroom terraces.  It is a home that offers the culture of old Puerto Vallarta but in a modern setting. The tiled roofs, terracotta terraces, and huge living areas make this three-bedroom home the perfect gay getaway home. A 5-minute taxi ride will take you to the romantic zone, the hippest gay zone of the city. 


Final Thoughts

If you continually think of that beautiful getaway and want to visit an international renown city that has it all. Puerto Vallarta is the place that invites you to get comfortable, be yourself, bask in pleasure, and have fun. Remember, if you stay in a private villa, you have an entire staff waiting at home, willing to spoil and pamper you with everything you could ever want. Visit us at Villa Experience to see some of Puerto Vallarta’s most outstanding vacation rentals and places to stay that are close to the Romantic Zone.



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