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So far 2020 has been a most difficult time for the world and all of us have suffered the unprecedented consequences of the Corona Virus that has taken loved ones from us and changed our entire way of life. Yet, this time can also be one of opportunity— to reflect, to reinvent ourselves, to refresh and to be reborn like the Phoenix,  perhaps somewhat different but stronger than ever together. But know that every gay business in Puerto Vallarta is waiting for you to return. Here is your Gay Guide Vallarta travel information. We know that you will return when it is right for you.
          Our beloved Puerto Vallarta community has proven over the years that when united we are able to overcome any adversity, and this time will not be any different.
           Puerto Vallarta is well known for its gay nightlife scene and is one of the best LGBT travel destinations in the world. Our Spanish colonial architectural history symbolized by the Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Church; our barrios full of Mexican culture and life; our hundreds of boutique shops,art galleries, gay bars, and restaurants—- all are waiting just for you to explore. Enjoy a sunrise or  sunset from the Malecón with a surprise every step or two—  bronze sculptures, artistic live sand sculptures, musicians, a hospitable cafe to rest and sip a coffee, or a restaurant with a cuisine which will take you to Italy or Brazil without you leaving the Boardwalk.
        Stay in one of our excellent gay boutique hotels or quaint gay bed and breakfasts. Then cross over the Rio Cuale, heading south, and you will enter a different world where anything is possible. Enjoy all that Vallarta’s Gayborhood has to offer. The streets are narrow and cobbled and there’s a unique mystery which fills the air. We also call this oldest part of our city, Zona Romantica and our open community welcomes all.

Playa Los Muertos, full of beach clubs and open sand, stretches as far as the eye can see and vibrates with activity— parties on the beach, sexy people to ogle, boats to sail, parasailers to fly…. By night, you can enjoy Zona Romantica’s world famous gastronomic scene and high-energy nightlife. The air is filled with electricity and whether you want a street side taco or a full-course gourmet meal, the choices are infinite. Take in a Broadway show, listen to a talented singer, or be amazed by our top drag star performances. Here are some of the places that are tailored for our LGBT friends, but welcome everyone.


     Playa de Los Muertos:  The Los Muertos pier, a place to pickup ferries and fishing pangas by day; a multi-colored architectural delight by night. On the beach—Blue Chairs Gay Hotel, Sapphire Ocean Club, Ritmos Beach Club, better known as Green Chairs, and Mantamar Beach Club, all of them offering food and drinks and lounge chair service.
The Gayborhood: We normally never roll-up-the-gay-sidewalk! Puerto Vallarta’s largest gay nightclub, Industry Nightclub, is next to the very famous gay nightclub CC Slaughters. Just in front,  you will find La Cantina Margarita Bar and Mr. Flamingos very popular bars just across the street from La Noche,  three floors of pulsating go go and drag queen fun. But that’s just the beginning— Reinas Bar, Blondie’s Bar, Garbo, Wet, Swedes Bar and Bistro, Antropology, Apaches, 69 Club, Anonimo’s, ChaChaLaCa…. The choices are so overwhelming many book  the Vallarta Gay Bar Hopping Tour and find out which of our bars ‘wets-your-whistle!’

LGBT Hotels: If you party with us, you should stay with us. Here are some great hotels fit for anyone’s pocketbook— Hotel Mercurio, Casa Cupula, Boana Torre Malibu and Piñata PV Gay Hotel as well as Almar Resort  and their Top Sky Bar with incredible views of the bay.

       Things to Do: Diana’s Tours, an LGBTQ favorite boat tour, or the more sexually-charged Wet and Wild boat tour, just for gay men. If you are in the mood for something hotter and more adventurous, you should visit the three-floor Sauna Spartacus.
      Our cabaret entertainment venues offers some of the best plays, concerts, and drags shows outside of New York City. Check-out: Act II Entertainment StagesThe Palm Cabaret and Bar, or Incanto.
        Puerto Vallarta is a unique jewel and destination where gays and straights are welcomed with Mexico’s famous friendly hospitality. We’ll be ready for you this fall and winter when it is right for you. So when the chilly days arrive or the snow begins to falls, pack your bags and come to see us. We’ll welcome you with open beyond gay-friendly arms.
A big thank you to Daniel Portela author and Christie Selph translator.



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