Let’s Go To The Pool Club At Casa Cupula This Summer!

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Casa Cupula celebrated its 20th anniversary in November 2022 with a huge expansion of the now world famous Pool Club At Casa Cupula. The Pool Club opened in 2019 as the first clothing optional party in PV and had been a tremendous success from the beginning. We reached out to hotel owner and principal, Don Pickens, and marketing director Marcos Ruiz to discuss the increasing popularity of The Pool club and what has led to it being open all year now.

Why is this summer going to be busier than years past at Casa Cupula? 
In Vallarta’s summer when the rains begin and humidity increases, people always used to think it is not a good time to visit PV. Visitors are now discovering the rains are refreshing but normally occur at night. If they occur during the day, they are normally brief, heavy downpours that cool things off as any tropical climate, but in a few hours the sun comes back out letting you get back to your usual activity. The Pool Club at Casa Cupula just completed an extensive remodel in honor of Casa Cupula’s 20th anniversary. It is double the size, new VIP areas, new kitchen and we are hosting our famous pool parties every weekend. So double the fun all year long!
Why Is PV becoming a year-round gay travel destination more than in the past? 
Casa Cupula as does Puerto Vallarta has guests coming 3 or 4 times every year so we are home to guests and travelers who enjoy the hotel and our destination more during the year. People are discovering summer is a great time to visit Vallarta so that is leading to PV becoming a year round travel destination not just November to April as in the past.
I have stayed at Casa Cupula in the past, why should I stay again versus renting an Airbnb or condo?
Since the pandemic, occupancy at gay hotels is resurging as gay travelers are re-discovering the importance of gay hotels and the services they provide. Gay hotels are a real gathering place for the LGBT community. Renting an airbnb you never know if your neighbor will even be gay friendly. Also, consider the huge increase in air bnb cancellations leaving you scrambling at the last minute to find accommodations. You don’t find gay hotels cancelling reservations renting to someone paying a higher rate than you. Hotels provide the amenities highly desired by the LGBT community and not provided by airbnb like pool parties (banned by many airbnb rentals) and bar and restaurant services.
With other pool options in PV, what makes Casa Cupula stand above the rest?
Our guests appreciate how we promote Every Body is Beautiful. Everyone is welcome on our property and especially our pool parties. Also, Casa Cupula is the only clothing-optional pool club in PV.
What can visitors expect at Casa Cupula pool parties?
The Pool Club is open every day and now with double the size you double the fun. Our pool party fun starts every weekend with men only Fridays, sexy gogo dancers, fun entertaining drag shows, guest hosts, the famous Sunday Big Gay Brunch, and many other fun surprises. We have a special price for PV locals all from an amazing view of the bay and ocean.
I already visit PV from Nov to May, so why should I visit PV from June to October?
The summer in Puerto Vallarta is one of the best times to visit. Fire blazed sunsets with the most amazing ocean views and even rainy afternoons give the best scenario for a romantic, fun evening. The beaches and all the bars are fully open during these months so this time is not a reason to stay away. These months are the best time to be at a pool party or one of PV’s other outside activities. The rainy season sounds dreary but is so misunderstood. It rains mostly at night and clears up the next morning with a cooler refreshing breeze. If it does rain during the day, it is normally late afternoon, early evening and breaks the humidity for a cooler morning.
Why are pool parties more popular now than ever before?
Our pool parties are more welcoming than ever before as we promote our motto “Every Body is Beautiful!”  More people feel comfortable taking their shirt off and enjoy meeting other guests or visitors. At Casa Cupula, we love making our guests feel comfortable and they have more fun in the relaxed environment. That is always popular!
Discover for yourself why the summer is a great time to visit Puerto Vallarta! Check the fun events that continues all summer long at The Pool Club Casa Cupula. 



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