Mr Mexico Contestant for Mr Gay World 2019

mr gay world 2019

Gay Mexico Meet Mr Mexico contestant for Mr Gay World 2019

Eric Butter and Dean Nelson embarked on a mission to create a global competition that would inspire and empower gay men to come together in a public performance that would show the world that being gay encompasses a broad spectrum. The mission to demonstrate that both inward beauty and physical appearance are equally important as is leadership and confidence. It was our hope that by bringing these men together they would share their experiences to open both each others’ as well as the public’s eyes that in many regions on our planet being gay is a challenge and a fight for basic human rights.

MGW 2018

To celebrate Mr Gay World’s 10th anniversary , the event was held in the beautiful city of Knysna, South Africa in conjunction with the Pink Loeire Festival in May 2018. The week long event culminated with the MGW President’s Ball and Fundraising auction on Friday 25th of May, followed by the grand finale on Saturday 26th of May 2018 at Villa Castollini. The top ten placements were Mexico, Costa Rica, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Belgium, India, Taiwan and Germany. The crowd’s favorite and very charming Mr. Australia was named the winner. New Zealand came second with India third and Taiwan placing fourth.

The contestants, as national winners possess many qualities, not just beautiful looks. The winner will have a unique combination of looks, charm, intellect, confidence, awareness and self-esteem. During the stages of the competition, and particularly in the personal interviews, the judges will focus on a man who: – shows an understanding of the world and people around him; – of how he can help contribute to a more equal and respectful society for all; – has respect for a range of views, but has confidence in expressing his own, when pursuing justice and well-being for gay people in all societies; – embraces cultural, linguistic, ability, gender, age, faith and sexual orientation diversity as norms to be promoted in a respectful world; – can learn, articulate his thoughts and conduct an intelligent conversation with people both gay and straight and even with people who do not share his views or values; – could be the man any group or company would like to have as their representative; – is at ease in any social setting, being formal or informal; – can articulate his opinions and knowledge and without effort convey it to an audience, media outlet or interviewer; – is involved or show in his local LGBTQ community (taking into account legal constraints in certain countries); – can be an ambassador of goodwill between all communities, by being visible, inspiring confidence and reinforcing understanding of the richness of cultural difference globally; – is confident in his own values, attributes and opinion. – is intelligent – with a reasonable general knowledge and a good knowledge of LGBTQ rights issues and recent LGBTQ events worldwide; – is respectful and careful of his appearance and wellbeing.



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