One Six One Bar Unique And Upscale


One Six One Bar Unique And Upscale. Behind every great bar there’s a story. A story of décor, a story of atmosphere, a story of service, and a story of drink selection. All these fuse together to create a unique experience that is not unfamiliar to one of Vallarta’s newest Romantic Zone bars, One Six One.

With its ambient colored floor up lighting and Parota wood finishes, One Six One boasts an all glass exterior, a Red Mangrove tree as its centerpiece, a Buddah inspired VIP room, a flowing resin river bar top, a house music DJ, a two level rooftop, and fabulous artwork all warmed by a touch of fog in the air.
But adding to this montage of sight and sound is story of their craft cocktails conceived and created by house mixologists. Everyone’s seen it on drink menus and heard the phrase ad nauseum, but what exactly is a “craft cocktail” and what goes into each creation. We spoke to some of the staff to find out just that.

Co-owner, Brian Kent, says “a craft cocktail is one that is well thought out, has balanced flavor profiles, is made with fresh ingredients, is presented well, and has a purpose.” That purpose? To harmonize with and work alongside the atmosphere and brand that is One Six One adding the sense of taste to the others already at work. Let’s explore some of the creations that do just that.

The Oso Cazuela
A favorite and must try, this cocktail is a double Cazadores Blanco poured over fresh grapefruit, lime and blood orange slices. Mixed with ice and grapefruit soda for the perfect vibrant and refreshing cocktail. Topped with a shot of Mezcal and served in a traditional Mexican clay mug. This one is NOT for the faint at heart and reminds you that you’re not in Kansas (or wherever you’re from) anymore.

The Mexican Cosmo
If you love a good cosmopolitan, this craft creation gives the classic staple to a whole new twist, Mexican style with jamaica infused mezcal, triple sec, fresh squeezed lime and cranberry juice. One sip and you instantly understand how the taste complements the senses of sight and sound.

The Horny Pepino
Let’s face it, at the end of the day it’s a gay bar and well…gays tend to be hornier than most people which is why this craft creation not only adds taste to the equation, but feeling. With its muddled cucumber and jalepeño, shaken with Hornitos and fresh lime and served on the rocks or up, this one is for anyone ready to take it all in!

But wait, it’s not just about cocktails! Behind every great craft cocktail, there’s a great craft beer and One Six One has two on tap. The only gay bar in Vallarta to offer craft beers from local brewery Monzon, these flavors speak to the warmth and vigor that is One Six One.

Lupita is a West Coast style IPA. Mosaic, El Dorado and Citra hops shine with juicy flavors of pineapple, cherry and mango supported by a medium bitterness. This refreshing, crisp IPA is perfect to drink in the oasis created at One Six One.
They’ve taken coffee grown here in the bay-framing Sierra Madres, roasted by our local café Café Oro Verde PV, and steeped it along with fresh Indian cinnamon bark and Mexican vanilla. The robust coffee notes are perfectly balanced by a subtle sweetness, finishing with a round dark chocolate taste. It’s the kind of pint to celebrate brave women in history, like the Adelitas who bravely fought in the Mexican Revolution.

At the end of the day, One Six One is an experience that appeals to every sense from the sight and sounds of the bar, to smells and tastes of the craft cocktails and beers, and to the feelings created when everything works together.



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