Puerto Vallarta: A call for Help

Police and 911 emergency personnel kick-off annual parade Recently, Mexico’s government adopted the phone number ‘911’ for all emergency services. ‘911’ will take the place of numerous telephone numbers used to contact different emergency services such as police, the Red Cross, lifeguards, paramedics and fire services. The ‘911’ rollout is expected to be completed in Puerto Vallarta this month.

According to a police spokesperson, this new system is expected to greatly reduce critical response times from 10 minutes to 6 minutes and non-critical response times from 15 minutes to 10 minutes, which makes a really big difference because minutes can determine whether someone lives or dies. Currently, the Puerto Vallarta Police Department receives approximately 2,500 calls each day. In addition to the 275,000 residents, the fifth most populous city in the Jalisco state, the city greets over 3.7 million visitors annually including 2.2 million domestic/national tourists and 1.5 million foreign tourists.

The department, under its new administration, is fully committed to achieving its primary mission, which is to protect the lives and property of all of Puerto Vallarta’s citizens and visitors by treating everyone with professionalism, courtesy, and respect, and by respecting and enforcing the laws impartially, fighting crime both through deterrence and the relentless pursuit of criminals.

The following equipment is needed to ensure that the Emergency number change is executed smoothly and successfully, and, of course, maximize the safety of Puerto Vallarta citizens and visitors:

 Three Digital Repeaters (approximately $6,000 USD each)

 100 Portable Motorola Digital Radios (approximately $350 USD each)

 Three Portable GPS-enabled Radios (approximately $1,000 USD each)

You wouldn’t want to be in a situation where you or someone close to you suffers an accident or involved in a crime and, because of budget restraints, help wouldn’t come in time and something serious happens. Remember, you are not only helping the local police and fire departments but also helping thousands of people that might need emergency services and potentially, saving many lives.

Please share this message through your social network. In addition to donations, we are looking for retired ‘first responders’ who live here in Puerto Vallarta to develop a ‘think tank’ for possible ways to help. We are also looking for employees of Motorola that may be able to assist in securing a discount for the items mentioned above.

Puerto Vallarta’s ‘911’ first-responders, including police and fire representatives, will kick-off Tuesday, February 28 th’s Annual Mardi Gras parade. CarnavalPV kicks off at 8PM in front of the Sheraton Hotel and travels south along the world-famous boardwalk to Olas Altas. 30,000 spectators are expected to enjoy the annual festivities. Businesses can still register at www.carnavalPV.com for a modest $200 peso registration fee. Non-profit organizations and schools may participate for free. A $5,000 peso prize will be awarded to the most creative entry.



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