Puerto Vallarta airport announces Covid 19 Procedures

Puerto Vallarta airport announces Corona Virus Procedures

Puerto Vallarta airport announces Corona Virus Procedures

Puerto Vallarta airport announces Covid 19 Procedures. Grupo Aeroportuario Del Pacífico (GAP) have implemented enhanced safety measures and cleaning procedures across all 14 of our airports including Puerto Vallarta’s International Airport (PVR), to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections, to ease customer concerns, and to keep air travel safe. GAP announced it has installed sanitary controls in accordance with local health authorities including infrared thermometers, thermographic cameras, and informative flyers, posters, and videos regarding proper hygiene and COVID-19 prevention.

GAP also announced social distancing measures that consist of limiting access to terminal buildings, maintaining a safe distance and extra space in lines throughout the airport with guidelines from vinyl installations on the floor to encourage customers to stand apart, alternating the use of lines at inspection points, and separating benches and limiting capacity in aircars and commercial premises. Regarding individual protection measures, plexiglass shields have been installed at documentation, information, immigration, car rental, and other customer-facing counters. Access to user facilities is restricted. Specific containers are marked for the disposal of used protective material. Disinfectant is applied to all entrance mats of terminals and antibacterial hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed across multiple touch-points within terminal buildings. Practicing good hygiene, such as washing your hands regularly, is encouraged. The use of gloves and face masks has been coordinated with authorities, airlines, and other partners in processes that involve contact with passengers.

Other cleaning and sanitation measures consist of implementing a specialized sanitation service for terminal building areas and equipment; surfaces that come into direct contact with passengers are periodically disinfected, and state-of-the-art steam-machines are used for deep cleaning and disinfecting trays, toilets, benches, tables, and other furniture. In regard to other processes: a reduction in the use of mobile lounges for remote boarding and
disembarking of aircraft, promoting the use of online, mobile, and self-service check-ins, and in airports
where it is allowed, the use of ETDs in security filters, instead of using your hands.

GAP is taking extraordinary steps to protect our workforce. Any member of our staff who shows symptoms of

COVID-19 will not report for work. They will be home-quarantined; and, if healthy, staff will attend work
with the compulsory use of face protection and face masks.

See the official procedures for corona virus at Puerto Vallarta airport here. 

Note from the Editor. GAYPV promotes that everyone follow the safety and safe distance protocols issued by Health officals at all times.



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