Puerto Vallarta in Expedia’s top Gay Friendly travel destinations

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Puerto Vallarta in Expedia’s top gay friendly cities. Why Puerto Vallarta, Mexico? Puerto Vallarta should not be disregarded as a destination for travelers escaping hetero-suburban ennui. Puerto Vallarta has a lively well established gay bar scene, and an inclusive nightlife atmosphere that make it one of the top destinations for gay travelers including arts and culture, fabulous restaurants, and the gay beach.

Party potential: Puerto Vallarta knows how to party. Bars like Apaches can rev up your night with its famous happy hour. Then head to Bar Frida, the city’s “friendliest cantina,” for exceptional music playing on the juke box, and family-style tables to get even the shy strangers acquainted. In May, the city puts on eight days of Pride events that include concerts, films, parties, cultural activities, and the Pride Parade.

Fabulous facts:

  • The first Vallarta Pride was held in just 2013 by the ACT LGBT A.C. committee, and is showing huge promise for growth of the community, breaking records this year with 7,000 attendees and involvement by the mayor of the city.
  • GayPV is a
  • travel guide based in Puerto Vallarta, and highlights things to do, news, and general information.

Mo’ info:

  • Vallarta has a lot of gay-friendly accommodations, like Casa Capula, which caters to gay travelers.
  • Zona Romantica is the gayborhood district, and it’s here you’ll find the most liberal mindsets.

Expedia searched the globe for places where the right to be yourself and considered equal are important aspects of the culture, laws, social scene, and employment structures. These cities stood out for their history of activism, protection laws, LGBTQ-friendly establishments, districts, and business practices, and their ability to throw a rocking good (and open) party.

Major contenders—from San Francisco and New York to and Paris and London—are glittering jewels in the LGBTQ+ travel tiara, but there are more cities joining the ranks every year, and we wanted to explore the wider spectrum of tried-and-true to up-and-coming.

Expedia released this list last year, but growing cultural shifts have inspired them to applaud more places that serve as safe havens for all people. So, they found three more cities that go the extra mile toward inclusiveness and have a history of doing the same.

Read the entire Expedia list here. 



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