Puerto Vallarta Los Muertos Beach In World’s Best Gay Beaches 2020

pv gay beach

pv gay beach

Puerto Vallarta Los Muertos Beach In World’s Best Gay Beaches 2020. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic Gaycities.com compiled its list of the top gay destinations for 2020. Puerto Vallarta’s Los Muertos makes the list among other famous gay beaches Elia Beach-Mykonos, Clifton 3rd-Cape Town, South Africa, Fire Island Pines-New York, Hilton Beach-Tel Aviv and Platja de la Bassa Rodona & Playa De Las Balmins, Sitges.

Public beaches are high on the list for popular travel locations after the corona virus pandemic. Puerto Vallarta’s gay beach is well known for its popularity among LGBT travelers. A recent survey of 1,000 U.S. adults conducted April 8 to 10, 2020 by Mower, a marketing, advertising and public relations agency, asked respondents to gauge their comfort for travel the day after Corona Virus restrictions ease, 30 days later and 60 days later. The survey gauged Americans’ sentiment regarding places where they feel comfortable once the pandemic subsides. Twenty-six percent said they’d feel comfortable at a public park or beach on Day One, 52% by Day 30 and 72% by Day 60.

The original gay beach was the sand in front of Blue Chairs Gay Hotel. There is a very small amount of space but was the original congregating space for all gay travelers during the day. The guests of blue chairs hotel formed the original gay beach in Puerto Vallarta. As they invited their friends and other tourists joined them this became the gay place to be. As gay tourism and the number of travelers continued to increase, blue chairs could not hold them. They spilled over into nearby Ritmos aka Green Chairs.  Most recently, Mantamar Beach Club Bar and Sushi became the new beach ground zero.  As the original area in front of Blue Chairs was small there wasn’t room for a pool and parties could not be hosted there.  Also, Green Chairs was not LGBT owned. They would not allow parties there even though they had plenty of space to do so and had absolutely no facilities or amenities either. Smartly, Mantamar constructed a huge infinity pool overlooking the area with luxury cabanas poolside. The popularity was almost immediate. The expansive space and the amenities of Mantamar finally brought the long sought circuit party to the Puerto Vallarta gay beach. Beef Dip, White Party PV, Jubileo and H20 have hosted huge circuit parties in the sand in front of Mantamar both day and into the night.

Make sure you check the latest corona virus updates to make sure the public is in fact open and the current safety protocols in place. See the complete list of best gay beaches for 2020. 



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