Gay Puerto Vallarta in Expedia’s top 15 LGBTQ cities

Expedia internet travel has released a list of the top 15 exciting LGBTQ cities no traveler should miss.  They searched the globe for places where the right to be yourself and considered equal are important aspects of the culture, laws, social scene, and employment structures. Getting the list to 15 was a harder task than expected, but these cities stood out for their history of activism, protection laws, LGBTQ-friendly establishments, districts, and business practices, and their ability to throw a rocking good (and open) party. Gay Puerto Vallarta in Expedia’s top 15 LGBTQ cities along with worldwide heavyweights like Palm Springs, California, Tel Aviv, Israel, Madrid, Spain and Berlin, Germany.

They state “Puerto Vallarta has a lively LGBTQ scene, and an inclusive nightlife atmosphere that make it one of the top destinations for gay travelers. Puerto Vallarta knows how to party. Bars like Apaches can rev up your night with its famous happy hour. Then head to Bar Frida, the city’s “friendliest cantina,” for exceptional music playing on the juke box, and family-style tables to get even the shy strangers acquainted. In May, the city puts on eight days of Pride events that include concerts, films, parties, cultural activities, and the Pride Parade.

Fabulous facts:

  • The first Vallarta Pride was held in just 2013 by the ACT LGBT A.C. committee, and is showing huge promise for growth of the community, breaking records this year with 7,000 attendees and involvement by the mayor of the city.
  • GayPV is a gay travel guide based in Puerto Vallarta, and highlights activities and things to do, LGBT news, and general travel information.

Expedia boasts the best LGBT-welcoming hotels, guides to top gay hotspots, gay hotels, and more.  From family-friendly lodging to party-ready inns, you’ll find gay hotels in both tried-and-true gay hotspots and newly discovered destinations when you book online at Expedia. Take a look at a hotel’s details to find out if it’s an all-lesbian or all-gay hotel or simply gay-friendly—accreditation information will also be listed.

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