Puerto Vallarta rated 60 in DestinationPride Rating

destination pride puerto vallarta

As of February 1, 2018 Puerto Vallarta scores 60 on Destination Pride’s Index.

Destination Pride’s automatic algorithm retrieves, calculates and updates data on each destination. The data measures Marriage Equality, Sexual Activity Laws, Gender Identity Protections, Anti-Discrimination Laws, Civil Rights & Liberties, plus Social Media Sentiment. Each of those six measures are represented by its own colored bar, which assemble together to create a unique Destination Pride flag visualization and an overall numerical score out of 100. Puerto Vallarta rated 60 in DestinationPride Rating.

0-50 / 100
A score in this range generally indicates that there are limited or no legal rights in place for LGBTQ+ people, and there may even be penalties. Social media sentiment for that destination will likely be neutral or negative.

51-70 / 100
A score in this range generally indicates that some legal protections for LGBTQ+ people are in place, and social media sentiment is likely neutral.

71+ / 100
A score above 70 generally indicates that there are extensive legal protections in place for LGBTQ+ people, and that social media sentiment is generally positive.

What is the purpose of the Destination Pride score?

The Destination Pride score provides a way for members of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies to understand the status of rights and social sentiment in different countries and cities around the world. In addition to being a general indication for a specific destination, the single score also provides a basis of comparison between multiple destinations.

What destinations are available?

You can find a Destination Pride score for each of the 195 countries on earth. Also available are state- and province-level scores within more than 35 of those countries, including USA, Australia, India, Ukraine, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and the regions of the United Kingdom. In addition, the platform provides scores for more than 2,000 cities around the world, and the ability to search any city in the world and receive an estimated score built from known regional data. We will be updating our database with new locations and new data to provide timely and relevant information on the world’s progression to equality.

See more at https://destinationpride.org/



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