Puerto Vallarta Shopping Centers, Gyms reopen at 25% capacity

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On June 14, 2020 the official newspaper register of the State of Jalisco has published provisions for Puerto Vallarta Shopping Centers, Gyms reopen at 25% capacity and with measures of social distancing required. In this measure, The commercial shopping centers  Galerías, La Isla or Macroplaza will be allowed to open which have been closed for three months now. However, shoppers of commercial plaza will not be able to use common areas such as children’s play areas, communal dining rooms, since fast food restaurants will only be able to deliver takeout products; parking lots will only receive 25% of their capacity. Movie theaters will remain closed for now. 

Also June 15, 2020 public and hotel beaches are allowed to reopen in Puerto Vallarta per the the Jalisco governor  Enrique Alfaro. He made it clear on Friday during his visit to Puerto Vallarta that hoteliers should take care of  social distancing on their beach fronts, while the city municipalities monitor that public areas are not saturated with people. Hotel pools and common areas can also be open but now are reduced to 25% of their capacity, taking care that the common areas are not saturated and urging social distancing measures.  

Gyms and Sports clubs may open for individual activity, not group for events, and exclusively at 25% of their total capacity. The same will apply to gyms, which may be used by the same limited number of duly distanced people.

Churches can operate at 25% of their capacity, nor with more than 50 people per church. There will be no people in the atriums or external areas and the celebrations will be promoted to last as short as possible.

Phase 0 requires, with the exception of hotels, occupancy remain at 50% and with densities of 1 person for every 7 m2 in commerce and services. Here is a list of some popular Puerto Vallarta businesses who have announced reopening dates. 

Here is the list of things still closed in Puerto Vallarta

  • Bars, canteens, nightclubs, clubs, dance halls and casinos.
  • Schools and colleges.
  • Cinemas, theaters and museums.
  • Aquariums and zoos.
  • Artistic and language teaching academies.
  • Rooms and terraces for social events (graduations, weddings, baptisms).
  • Fairs.
  • Festivities.
  • Spas.
  • Urban forests and Metropolitan Park.
  • Recreational area
  • Soccer fields and group sports.
  • Swimming schools.
  • Job training centers.

See the article in Spanish here. 



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