Puerto Vallarta Voted #1 Gay City For Fun In The Sun

The top gay beaches in Puerto Vallarta, Rio, Mykonos, Sitges, Key West, and Miami were among the choices for the best year round destination for fun in the sun for 2021. Over 50,000 GayCities.com readers chose Puerto Vallarta’s “Los Muertos Beach” as their #1 choice in the recent awards survey.  If you have a wanderlust for amazing fun in the sun, here is why Puerto Vallarta should be your top pick for 2022.

Warm Sunny Weather Los Muertos is the gay beach in Puerto Vallarta perfect for socializing and

sun bathing with almost 300 warm, sunny days per year. PV is located on the same latitude as Hawaii so expect the same warm, tropical climate as a Hawaiian vacation. The Pacific coast provides the background for some of the most spectacular amazing sunsets. Get your feet in the sand and hands on a cold refreshing drink from one of the 8 beach clubs located on Los Muertos beach.

Welcoming Local Culture Mexico is known for its rich culture and ancient traditions reflected in everything from its food to the huge gay nightlife scene you will discover. The local Mexican residents have been very welcoming to international gay travelers for many years. As a result, gay bars and clubs are born and thrive as part of the local community. Puerto Vallarta is the #1 gay nightlife destination in Mexico. The zone is home to twenty plus gay bars, gay and friendly hotels and accommodations, and many other gay businesses and activities. As LGBTQ travelers feel welcome year after year, many become part time or full time residents.

Affordable Proximity to the US Puerto Vallarta is very affordable for a fun filled gay vacation or even as a city to live and retire. The cost of living including purchasing real estate and medical tourism is very affordable when you compare the peso to the US Dollar exchange from the US and other international cities.

More than a Beach Destination Puerto Vallarta has unique physical features not found in many other gay destinations. Besides the beach, Puerto Vallarta also has mountains and jungles nearby offering an array of outdoor and eco-friendly adventures. Take a jungle hike, scuba dive, ride an atv, or zip line all in one destination. Incredible! With these adventures and more, it is easy to see why Puerto Vallarta was voted #1 Fun in the Sun. Discover for yourself!



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