Statement From PV Delice Of The Party Boat Cruise Sinking December 31 2020

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Statement From PV Delice Of The Party Boat Cruise Sinking December 31 2020. PV Delice wishes to communicate the positive resolution of the vulnerable event raised on December 31, 2020, in relation to the sinking of one of our ships, where fortunately there were no injured lives or health problems to regret. The PV Delice Cruise company, thanks the competent authorities for their support, also the crew for their great professionalism, the media for keeping the citizens and of course our clients informed in a timely manner for their trust and understanding. We are grateful for the support of our fellow pangas in the Quimixto community and the people who came to the rescue. As it was ruled, it was not a problem of mechanical failure of the boat, nor of the trip in progress, in the morning the weather was suitable for sailing. This was due to a sudden change in the sea, which caused a strong swell and in which several waves came to the stern platform, a matter out of our reach, and gave us rise to focus on our passengers so that they all came out alive. Since reviewing all security, meteorological and operation protocols, we will continue to provide the cruise navigation service, quality and security that our customers deserve as we have been doing for several years. We reiterate our commitment to the safety of our clients and we will continue in the adventure of sailing in the most beautiful bays of PV.

EDITORS Comment: We are so happy that no one was injured in this unfortunate incident. Please note that many news articles are incorrectly reporting the sinking ship was chartered by Jeffrey Sanker of White Party Palm Springs. Please use this article as confirmation that Jeffrey Sanker of White Party PV did not charter the ship that sank December 31, 2020 in Puerto Vallarta. PV Delice who chartered it is a separate weekly boat cruise tour that operates in Puerto Vallarta that is in no way affiliated with Jeffrey Sanker and White Party PV. 

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