The BOYSTOWN & CASTRO of Mexico is Gay Puerto Vallarta

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The BOYSTOWN & CASTRO of Mexico is Gay Puerto Vallarta. Why choose Puerto Vallarta, Mexico? The reason: Value, A Gay Village, Community, and Opportunity.

Tourism is a changing market in Old Town, Puerto Vallarta. Tourist visitors are becoming investors. Recent trends have shaped a new tourist archetype in the romantic zone of PV. Culture is no longer the main reason to visit old town, instead, it is the gay neighborhood.

The Gay PV neighborhood rivals any of the gay villages of the Americas.

Gay PV is affordable and attainable. It is more attractive because our Gay Village in Puerto Vallarta has gay bar after gay bar, internationally popular clubs & frequent parties, gay owned restaurants, gay hotels, cabaret theaters. PV is attracting gay professionals up & coming in the growing professional markets. Additionally there are many gay owned and gay operated business to model after if seeking entry into the working community.

What makes our gay neighborhood so attractive is the abundance of gay bars, gay hotels, entertainment, events & parties, Vallarta gay pride, an LGBT Center, a bath house, and the ACT Gay Business Association that the city of Puerto Vallarta recognizes as a formal association with standing and has publicly shared cooperative support.

Old Town PuertoVallarta has what many Gay Cities are loosing due to gentrification and sky rocketing cost of homeownership. PVR Old Town has benefited from Gay Tourism and the City of Puerto Vallarta & local Old Town Businesses have welcomed the thriving growing market. The tourism market has moved beyond tourism and now investing. Investors become business owners, and find home ownership a reality unlike in the communities they travel from. Traveling gays and pink dollars being spilled into the neighborhood for years has now laid pathway for gay investors & entrepreneurs seeing their dreams can come true in Mexico.

The insinuation—that gays and lesbians are one the wealthiest demographics in the country—isn’t a new cliché. Some of the most ingrained public images of LGBT people are their cosmopolitan, highfalutin lifestyle; gays, so the story goes, live in gentrified and costly urban neighborhoods like The #Castro in San Francisco, #Chelsea in New York, #WestHollywood in LA, #Dupont Circle in Washington DC and Chicago’s #Boystown.

But like most stereotypes, the myth of gay affluence is greatly exaggerated. But positive gay influence, investors, & entrepreneurs can drive change in norms, communities, too both benefit investors and locals and alike prove a more valued vacation for tourist boasting the experience for all that #Live #Work #Vacation & #Invest in Old Town #PuertoVallarta 🇲🇽

Puerto Vallarta relies heavily on wooing international visitors and has made great change in the infrastructure to receive more tourism and worked to improve the airport, ports, roads, safety, and significantly changed the role of fire & police over the years and alike the city government has become more visibly present.

When assessing the many benefits of travel, it’s easy to forget how important it is to the economy. In fact, tourism is one of the world’s largest economic sectors, and tourism has provided many valued experiences and now tourist are transitioning from visiting to being investors & residents because of the eroding American dream of home ownership in gay neighborhoods.

Embrace the benefits of LGBT tourism and join us in Puerto Vallarta.

Pinata PV Gay Hotel for Men ( has been an integral gay business that believes Puerto Vallarta is a valued vacation destination and has something for everyone that chooses to live, work or vacation in GAY PV.



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