Federal Judge Grants Uber continued Puerto Vallarta operation in 2018

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On June 8, 2018, a federal Judge granted Uber Mexico the right to continue to operate throughout the State of Jalisco thru 2018, which includes the city of Puerto Vallarta. The decision is based on the permission that was granted by the Secretaria de Movilidad y Transporte (Semov)  in 2017 allowing Uber to begin its operations in Puerto Vallarta. The resolution will allow more than 2,300 partners drivers in Puerto Vallara to continue to provide transportation services through the app and enabling more than 4.5 million tourists and locals access to safe, accessible and efficient transportation. 
“We reiterate our commitment to our drivers and citizens in Jalisco.  The right of citizens to have Uber as an option for getting around in the city and for drivers to generate additional income. This decision responds to the recent concerns raised in the past few months about the ability to use Uber in Jalisco and represents a breakthrough for the urban and economic development in the state” said Cristina Villarreal Lake, Communication Manager of Uber Mexico.
The company will continue to comply with what is stipulated in the regulation, including the contribution of 1.5% of every trip made in the state and the registration of Uber drivers in the Semov.  Uber has given more than 55 million pesos to the government and thousands of partner drivers have already registered with Semov, in compliance with the regulation, a figure that will increase as Uber’s operations increase. Our commitment and provision remain steadfast, acknowledged Villarreal.
The company stresses ” We will remain in contact with partners drivers who have purchased vehicles, as we have done from the beginning and we will give attention and support to the partner drivers. Our communication channels are always open to serve them” stated the representative of Uber. In June 2018,  Uber celebrates four years of operations in Jalisco (Guadalajara first). Currently the company allows more than 15 million users in the State to move and is a source of additional  income for more than 3 thousand Uber drivers.
About Uber
The mission of Uber is to ensure that transportation is available to everyone, at any point of your city at any time. We started in 2010 to solve a simple problem: how to get a trip with only the press of a button.  Eight years and more than five billion trips later, we have begun to face a much greater challenge: to reduce congestion on road and pollution of our cities, moving more people with less cars. Uber arrived in Mexico in 2013 and is present in 43 cities, with products like Uber Assist, Uberpool, Uberx, Uber black,Uber suv, and Uber pet. 



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