Health Maintenance and Prevention Treatments At Immunotherapy Clinic

Regenerative medicine focuses on creating the proper conditions or environment in your body, for it to start to heal itself and reach a proper function. It is a maintenance of the body and also prevention to not develop complications. In order to reach this state, we need to help your body through different processes for both cleansing and improvement.n Here are the major prevent processes and anti aging treatments offered at Immunotherapy Clinic.

Plasmapheresis The main procedure for blood cleansing and the first step to regenerative treatment. With the help of a pumping machine, and iv line is connected, allowing us to draw blood, passing it through a nanomembrane filter and returning it into the body. When the blood passes through the filter, certain elements are separated, allowing a cleaner blood to return to the body. The elements that are removed may include heavy metals, immune complexes, inflammatory complexes, excess of fibrin, etc. This benefits the circulation, allowing the heart to not do as much effort, and also improves oxygenation.

Hydrocolonic Therapy The bowel movements allow us to remove the waste from our bodies through the gastric system. Even a healthy body can’t release all of the waste at once, and a big amount is still stored in the large intestine; inflammation, constipation, a sedentary life-style and a bad diet may cause an even greater accumulation of the stored waist. This elements may also release a small amount of toxins in the body. The hydrcolonic therapy helps release all the fecal matter stored, allowing the patient to have a cleaner and healthier colon, therefore improving conditions in the body when releasing toxins and decreasing inflammation.

Ozone Therapy. This therapy has an antiseptic effect, an anti-inflammatory effect, improves oxygen levels and creates more energy for the cells. As a result, the heart is less stressed and the brain, heart and other organs improve their oxygenation.

Stem-Cell therapy It is the axis of regenerative medicine. The stem-cells have the capacity to transform into other tissues, improving regeneration. Another important effect they have is an anti-inflammatory activity. Therefore, this therapy improves the condition of the patient’s body, allowing them to have a better quality of life. This can also be used to prevent or restore hair loss, penis enlargement, plasma facials and other anti-aging treatments, and more.

PRP therapy Obtained from the patient’s blood, the PRP (plasma) contains proteins, natural exosomes and other nutrients. This PRP may be applied alone or along with stem-cells (according to the condition of the patient) to improve damaged tissues. In the skin, it improves elasticity and hydration, creating a younger look. In the muscles, it reduces contractions. In intra articular spaces, it creates more volume and helps for the healing process of ligaments or bone damage.

Skin laser therapy An aesthetic process in which the skin goes through stimulation, conditioning it to create a healthier and younger tissue, improving the appearance, hydration, elasticity and correction of spots, expression lines and other damages.

The Immunotherapy Clinic in Puerto Vallarta is one of the leading immunology and stem cell clinics for alternative medicine offering anti-aging and preventative procedures. They are staffed by biologists and doctors with more than 20 years scientific research and experience. Since opening in PV in 2015 there have been many successful testimonials and they have been cited in many medical publications. Alternative medicine and body enhancements using stem cell therapy is safe, effective, painless, affordable and available in Puerto Vallarta at Immunotherapy Clinic. Email them at [email protected]  for a free consultation and find out how stem cells can be useful for your body enhancement!



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