Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Interior Design A Comfy Sofa Pt 1

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Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Interior Design A Comfy Sofa Pt 1

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Interior Design When furnishing your home in Mexico, a large chunk of your budget will go towards your sofa or sectional. That’s why it is essential to find out about the items’ construction and materials. Although the style is what catches our eye, it is the cover, frame, springs and filling that will determine if your sofa lasts two years or twenty.
In previous columns, we have reviewed the best covers, frames, and springs available for our humid, tropical environment. To me, there is a clear winner of which cover to get. The new performance fabrics that repel liquids and oils are hands-down the best option. With hundreds of colors and soft weaves from which to choose, this cover will give you maximum return on your investment.
Frames and springs are also crucial to long-lasting sofas and sectionals. The quality of the materials and manufacturing will have a direct impact on the longevity of your piece. A good manufacturer will proudly share info on their website and with their salespeople and customers about their commitment to quality. Make sure to investigate this before you purchase. A company that offers and stands behind its warranty is another great sign you are buying right the first time.
The final component of any upholstered item is the filling. The filling or padding of your sofa and sectional is what makes it comfortable to sit on. Options available for filling include foam, down/feathers, polyester, and batting.
In this article, I will cover pros and cons of foam and down/feathers. Next week, I will cover polyester and batting. The most commonly used filling is foam. Foam is available in a variety of densities. Generally, the higher the density, the harder it will feel. Although a lower density foam will feel softer, it will degrade quicker. If buying a sofa or sectional with a foam filling, go for foam that is labeled high resiliency (HR). HR of approximately 1.8 lbs provides great resiliency and is available in both high and low density so that
you can select the firmness you prefer. Another plus, HR is environmentally friendly.
Love to sink into your sofa? Down or feather filling is a great option, although it is more expensive than foam. At the low end of the cost scale are duck and chicken feathers; goose down is more expensive. Well-made casings are very important because they keep feathers and down from coming out. Waterproof casings are best. In the event of spills and because of our humid environment, waterproof casings keep the filling from getting wet. A downside of down is that it tends to get lumpy. If you do go this route, the casings should separate the goose down into small baffles.
Trying to furnish a home in Mexico is difficult. For the past 10 years, Solutions Mexico has worked hard to become the most trusted furniture company in Mexico. We carefully select our manufacturers and suppliers from around Mexico – all are registered Mexico businesses. We put their products online so you can shop knowing that any item you purchase is very well made and has a warranty. We offer a variety of brands and product lines to fit every budget and style – and you can often customize your piece with different finishes and covers with prices less than you will find in Mexico City and Guadalajara. Contact Sheryl Novak at [email protected].



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