Doing Your Part to Keep Vallarta Clean and Green

by Tropicasa Realty

To the happiness of residents, Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña has launched a 3-step waste collection and reduction program in Puerto Vallarta, starting with the recent enactment of daily garbage pick-up. The next steps will include sanctions against those who do not adhere to waste regulations and waste separation programs, all designed to keep our city looking its best. Here are a few things you can do to support the city in this mission.

• Always put garbage in the correct collection areas during the hours assigned for your neighborhood.

• Always ensure that your garbage is placed in a sealed bag that is not torn or straining.

• Always carry reusable bags for shopping.

• Avoid buying overpackaged products, like single serving portions or plastic packed fruits or vegetables.

• Use cloth napkins instead of paper and avoid disposable plates and cutlery.

• Always take all your trash from the beaches in Puerto Vallarta, and go the extra step by picking up anything that fellow beach-goers may have left behind.

• Instead of buying new, check online resources like Craigslist and Puerto Vallarta Buy and Sell on Facebook for gently used goods.

Tropicasa Realty is dedicated setting a strong example in our community, using sustainable business practices whenever possible. If you are interested in minimizing environmental impact through real estate, talk to one of our agents today about sustainable living developments in Puerto Vallarta now on the market.

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