Fran’s Scene Feb 10 2018

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I have not been going out much this season. Usually I am out and about daily and nightly. I have a few medical issues to sort out that are my priority. I love going out! I love meeting new folks in town! I love attending so many of the events and shows at all of […]

Puerto Vallarta-A Gaybourhood Really??

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Please remember Fran’s Scene column is an opinion and often humorous view of current news and non/factual events. These views may not reflect the actual opinion of GAYPV.  Puerto Vallarta to be called a Gaybourhood? Stop it now! Really…stop it! It is commonly called Zona Romantica, Olde Town or to be more exact Emiliano Zapata. Leave […]

Fran’s Scene Puerto Vallarta Clothing Optional Resort and Such

fran's scene clothing optional

Fran’s Scene Puerto Vallarta Clothing Optional Resort and such! I hear many times in conversations with others…you must love being at the beach everyday enjoying the life in Mexico. Truth be told, I am almost never at the beach. I live here now and I  just do not frequent the tourist places much at all. Do […]

Mexican Culture Tis the Season Of December

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  Mexican Culture Tis the Season of December 19, 2018. The month of December here is filled with festivals…music, food, joyous celebration and remembering. The Our Lady of Guadalupe celebrations goes on for 12 days.and nights. There are others too. Fireworks…cannons and celebration. Dancing and drinking. Eating and laughing with your families at hand. A […]

Fran’s Scene Duality of Being

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I have lived in Mexico 7 years or so. Travelled here for close to 30 ish more. I have always felt safer and more accepted here than anywhere else. I know I stick out like a sore thumb. Really I do. I dress often in quite revealing outfits. I am not bashful at all .  I […]

Fran’s Scene December 4 2018 Isn’t everything in Mexico free

  A bit of a rant. This hits home for myself and I am sure many others in business and resident here too…Local nationals and immigrants such as I.  If anything pisses me off…it is the rude assumption of such. But…we are in Mexico I hear !!! Why do I have to pay? Or pay […]

Fran’s Scene Nov 30 2018 My boobs are involved!

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I am an older trans woman. 62 years old now. I feel much younger. I am very boob proud. I know nobody has noticed this…hee hee. The column art work is a selfie …painted by myself. When you feel fabulous…you are fabulous I say. And boobs are involved.  When I moved here I was a crossdresser […]

Fran’s Scene Nov 23 2018 My Pelucas (wigs)

        I of course wear such. A pretty necessary item in my life to don before I go out the front door to greet the world. I also have a very large selection to choose from . They range from the ratty…to the fabulous. All colors imaginable. A comprehensive collection of styles and cuts […]

Fran’s Scene Nov 20 2018 When you know you are different

I knew at an early age I was different. Even in elementary school. It took a long time to finally figure out why. After many beatings and abuse at school and elsewhere , I managed to understand a bit. Yet, I could not be me. Back then. I had to morph into what I thought […]

Fran’s Scene: Nov 12 2018

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Let’s turn the lights out for this one please?  I work a niche market sexually speaking. Oft, I hear…oh…and can we turn the lights out? Huh? Really! This is adult talk now. Yes, I am diving right in.  Ahhh ok I get it. I am now used to this circumstance. It really is weird…but  if I need […]

Fran’s Scene: Nov 8, 2018

Number 1 by Francine Peters Well here we are!  My first ever column entry. A real deal! Wow. Thank you GAYPV for this fun opportunity. I loved the idea and we laughed. But holy crap.  This is so exciting and yet terrifying for me.  Disclaimer: So, I am not a journalist with the storied education of writing […]