Puerto Vallarta Hosting Gay Games Guadalajara 2023 After Events

On November 24, 2022 the organizers of Gay Games Guadalajara and Vallarta Pride held a press conference at Industry Night Club to publicize the details of Puerto Vallarta’s participation in the Gay Games XI 2023. Mónica Sánchez, Executive Director of Gay Games Guadalajara, explained the Gay Games is a non-profit sporting, cultural and social event […]

Puerto Vallarta & Punta Mita Villa Rentals Ideal For Yoga Retreats!

Are you hosting a yoga retreat? Before you think about the itinerary, the activities, and the theme of your next yoga retreat, consider the venue. The best option is to rent a private estate or vacation home with enough space for most participants and guests. Many vacation rentals in Mexico are spacious and large states; […]

SETAC Celebrates 13th Anniversary

The organization Solidaridad Ed Thomas, AC, (SETAC) Puerto Vallarta’s LGBTQ+ center recently celebrated 13 years of providing comprehensive health and wellness services in Puerto Vallarta. In the beginning, the main goal was responding to HIV and fighting discrimination and stigma of AIDS. SETAC currently Monthly, serves 250 patients each month Annually, conducts 1,500 HIV tests […]

Puerto Vallarta Mayor Authorizes Plan To Open Sexual Diversity Office In Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta’s municipal president, Luis Alberto Michel Rodríguez, held a public meeting with SETAC Puerto Vallarta’s LGBTQ+ community center to work on a plan to open a Sexual Diversity Office in the city. “This Sexual Diversity Office is a public policy that doesn’t require additional financial resources because its aim is to link and build […]

Health Maintenance and Prevention Treatments At Immunotherapy Clinic

Regenerative medicine focuses on creating the proper conditions or environment in your body, for it to start to heal itself and reach a proper function. It is a maintenance of the body and also prevention to not develop complications. In order to reach this state, we need to help your body through different processes for […]

Immunotherapy Clinic An Introduction To Stem Cells

Everyone wants to look and feel great plus enjoy a long, healthy life. What if your desire for beauty goes beyond the normal procedures, treatments, facials and anti-aging wrinkle cream already seen everywhere? The Immunotherapy Clinic in Puerto Vallarta is one of the leading immunology and stem cell clinics for alternative medicine offering anti-aging and […]

OneSixOne Bar And Stonewall Inn SETAC Fundraiser

OneSixOne PV sponsored a successful SETAC community center fundraiser Saturday July 2. The event was organized by Bryan Stocks and Roger Allen of Anonimo and OneSixOne Bar and hosted by Jason Dottley. Money was raised via a silent auction and raffle from donations of local Puerto Vallarta businesses and individuals raising more than $150,000 mxn […]

The Dog Days Have Just Begun!

One of the most remarkable things about PV is that there is always someplace exciting to visit. Shops, restaurants, clubs, spas, and cafes are all around for people to enjoy. Keyword: PEOPLE. But where can you and your four-legged friends go when you both want to enjoy the day? Luckily new places are popping up […]

Benefits Of Intravenous Vitamin C

Why do people take vitamins? Often, it’s to make up for something that they’re not getting enough of in their daily diet. But what if you could get all the nutrients your body needs intravenously, without having to eat anything? Believe it or not, there are many benefits to intravenous vitamin C therapy or vitamin […]

A Triad Relationship Shapes Amaria Villas

    A Triad Relationship Shapes Amaria Villas Amaria Villas is a new gay resort located in the mountains along the Rio Cuale in Puerto Vallarta. This gorgeous jungle oasis caters to those that seek a unique and custom-tailored experience that also embraces the local culture and traditions. Pictured above are the owners from the […]

What are the benefits of IV therapy?

Surely you already know that Intravenous or IV therapy works by directly introducing liquid substances to mostly enhance rehydration, administration of drugs, or nutrition into the intravenous lines, up until this point you can see that IV Therapy is a versatile procedure; however, there are many advantages that you need to know to understand the […]

Hamburger Mary’s Sponsoring Fresh Water Drive After Hurricane Nora

Hamburger Mary’s Sponsoring Fresh Water Drive After Hurricane Nora. This program will help get fresh drinking water to the residents of Puerto Vallarta. After Hurricane Nora flooded the streets near the River Cuale and in the Buenos Aires Colonial, thousands of people are without fresh drinking water and electricity. Donations are now being accepted at Hamburger […]

Little Woofs: SCRUFF LGBT + Short Film Festival

In the innovative iniciative Pequeños Woofs, SCRUFF invited the CUÓRUM Morelia Festival to make a selection of eight Spanish-speaking LGBTQ * short films, to be shown on its application for 30 days from May 15, 2021. These shorts show us the fascination -y concern- of queer filmmakers to reinvent representation and capture the multiplicity of […]

Pequeños Woofs: Festival de cortos LGBT+ de SCRUFF

Pequeños Woofs: Festival de cortos LGBT+ de SCRUFF En la innovadora propuesta Pequeños Woofs, SCRUFF invitó al Festival CUÓRUM Morelia a hacer una selección de ocho cortometrajes LGBTQ* de habla hispana, para exhibirse en su aplicación 30 días a partir del 15 de mayo de 2021. Estos cortos nos muestran la fascinación -y preocupación- de […]